Subject: Beware of dishonest seller: Peter aka [email protected]

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Beware of dishonest seller: Peter aka [email protected]

Posted on: 4th Mar 2019 8:58 AM    Quote and Reply

Stay away from this guy, he is a liar.

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Posted on: 6th Nov 2017 12:28 PM    Quote and Reply

thanks for sharing its a good help

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Posted on: 24th Oct 2017 10:23 PM    Quote and Reply

Before u buy do your research and most importantly, LEARN TO SAY "NO" if the bike is not to your satisfaction

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Posted on: 14th Sep 2017 1:16 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by sueanne72: Otherwise, I would make a police report (so that they can investigate this guy)."
I doubt the police can do anything. It is just a lie which is not a criminal offence, not a scam which would be.

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Posted on: 14th Sep 2017 1:14 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by ashwinsingh:
"Formerly posted by hermanchauw: I think just don't bother buying from him. Not worth your time to go there and the bike you want is no more."

Just curious which bike did you initially want but later was told that it was "sold"?"

I wold him i wanted a 20 inch steel bike. He said he had. None of the bikes in his stash fit my specs.

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Posted on: 14th Jul 2014 11:16 AM        

He has many ads posted online, eg:

For sale is a 24" lady bicycle in excellent condition. This bicycle is inexcellent condition and no repairs are needed at all.No repairs needed as we are bicycle repairers and we have fully serviced andchecked the bicycle, so you can just buy and start to cycle.Remember bicycle repair costs are expensive so you can save your time and moneyby buying from experienced bicycle repairers.Collect from my block in Ang Mo Kio at a convenient time to both parties.Just email me at [email protected] with your hp number if you are interestedto buy.  

First i have to say he is not all bad. He has some good bikes in his stash. The bad however he is a big liar. He would say all kinds of untrue things to trick you to buy his bike.

Before meetup, i already told him i want a good brand steel mtb. Then...

Scene 1

Met him downstairs, he showed me an MTB with oversized tubes and thick welds.

Him: "this is good bike, aluminium"

Me: "i am looking for steel"

Him: "this is steel"

Methinks: are you sure?

Me: "just now you said aluminium"

Him: "i was refering to the stem and handlebar"

Methinks: what the f***, who defines a bike by it's parts?

Me: "so is it steel or aluminium"

Him: "aluminium"

Him: "why not aluminium...aluminium good what...steel can rust"


Scene 2

I went to his house to browse his bikes. Saw a few good brands MTBs like Raleigh and Fuji.

I saw one with a bigger wheel size.

Me: "is this 26 inch fractional"

Him: yes

Me, after inspecting the tire: "this is 700"


Scene 3 

So i asked to test the Raleigh hybrid with 700c wheels.

Me: "is this steel"

Him: "yes"

Then as i was just about to mount it, i saw "6061" on the frame.

Me: "this is aluminium"

Him: "this is do you know it's aluminium..."

Me: "6061 is aluminium"

Him: "is it? how do you know?"

Me: "you said you are professional bicycle repairer, but you don't know 6061 is aluminium?"

Him: "that's my father, i only market"


Scene 4

So i said no and he went up. As i was walking away he came down again and offered me Aleoca.

Him: "you want steel right? i have the aleoca full suspension. that one confirm steel"

Me: "aleoca canot trust one"

Him: "why cannot trust...aleoca good what...suspension good what"

Me: "bye"
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