Subject: And now cyclist are being chased out from PCNs by Pokemon-go

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And now cyclist are being chased out from PCNs by Pokemon-go

Posted on: 8th Aug 2016 9:37 AM    Quote and Reply

haha, according to reddit, moving more than 12km/h will not count. so if you want to catch alot of pokemons, you'll have to do it super slowly. another quirk is that the PG servers only ping and collect ur GPF approx 4-5mins. good luck!

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Posted on: 8th Aug 2016 7:39 AM    Quote and Reply

That PCN at punggol and ECP etc have always been packed with kids and other people with zero to limited bike handling skills on weekends / PH's. Nothing wrong with it, they are recreational not cycling specific. It is a bit irritating but no choice other than take it steady and defensive, early mornings or weekday nights the ECP is generally quieter and its OK to go pretty quick on them (I think they made a mistake at Punggol, by making the  track too narrow and shared not seperate such as ECP though).

Having said that there is something to be said to putting a few Pokestops in lane 1 of the PIE, at the 1000m point on runways 02R & 02C at changi, mid point between stations in an MRT tunnel, slap bang in the middle of marina bay etc. Just to give natural selection a helping hand in removing some none viability from the gene pool a bit more quickly.

Given the fickle nature of over hyped tech like Pokemon Go I reckon it will go the way of Hello Kitty in a couple of months. I did see a lot of iZombies out and about obliviously crossing roads glued to their screens yesterday though, but I don't think it was much more than normal, I reckon many of these "Go"ers have just switched from being oblivious to their surroundings on social media to being oblivious using Pokemon Go.

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Posted on: 7th Aug 2016 5:10 PM        

Took a relax ride at NE PCN, full of Pokemon-go players wambling at middle of the road...some of them are even catching them while cycling...this should be banned and fined if caught...just like using HP while driving.

Once again, a foreign worker cycled against a red light at pedestrian crossover at Puggol way near Marina country club, and this time he hit one of his fellow citizens who's walking across texting with his earphone on. And now here's the best part, the stupid worker who cycled against the red light didn't seem to know his mistake and sort of yelled at his fellow citizen. 

How I wish this kind of people distinct from Singapore...
25th Jul 2016
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