Subject: It's been a while, newbie here!

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It's been a while, newbie here!

Posted on: 23rd Oct 2015 7:48 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi bro 
Sorry just wanna ask you say you been a while actively road and wanna ride trail? You bought a Trek mountain or a roadie? Don't think it is wise to ride road on trail but ok to ride mountain on road.

Anyway ride safe, wear helmet and equip your bike with lfront and rear ights. Had seen many rider without helmet and lights. They post hazard to the themself and others too.

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Posted on: 23rd Oct 2015 3:06 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi Waruta,

Welcome to and enjoy your stay!

Drivers: Look out for cyclists on the roads. Cyclists: Ride Safe.
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Posted on: 27th Sep 2015 10:12 AM        

Hi all,

Its been 10 years or so since I actively road and just recently bought a second-hand Trek off a friend. Trying to get it all set up with some old (but decent!) parts.

Hope to try out some of the beautiful trails and see some of you on the road!

Keep the rubber side down.

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11th Jan 2015
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