Subject: Scratches on new Java fit seat post

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Scratches on new Java fit seat post

Posted on: 18th Sep 2015 11:15 PM    Quote and Reply

Thanks all!!

mechanic from seller shop advised to degrease the shaft e.g. WD40 to minimize abrasion and I've done so. Now take care to dust off sand and particles before folding, same for handle bar. Will encourage new users to do the same, though the root cause is the thin powder coating (not good quality like spray paint on jap cars vs conti cars)

will consider LitePro option once scratches become too ugly.. 

Can't attach pics through mobile phone..

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Posted on: 17th Sep 2015 11:54 PM    Quote and Reply

I have seen litepro come out with a plastic sleeve instead of the original metal sleeves and they said this would minimize your scratches on your seatpost.

I could not find any reviews on this so i don't know how long these will last for long term daily use.

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Posted on: 4th Sep 2015 10:56 AM    Quote and Reply

agreed, its quite common due to the clamping and shifting of seatpost. You can change to litepro seatpost.

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Posted on: 2nd Sep 2015 11:18 PM    Quote and Reply

its pretty normal for foldie seatpost to have scratches, due to the lowering and lifting of the post during folding and un folding. There are some foldie seatposts out there that are scratch resistance and such, but it will cost u and theres also not totally scratch proof. Until i see your pics, cant really say if its bad or normal. 

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Posted on: 28th Aug 2015 10:23 PM        


hi fellow Java fit owners, I just bought the 16s bike two weeks ago and already noticed multiple scratch marks on the seat post.
i adjusted and folded  bike a few times for my parents to test bike and to fold into boot, but didn't think there should be so much scratches?
i don't know how to post the pictures of the scratches but like to know if there is a way to get rid of those marks, n if such scratches are normal??
if so, the coating quality is really bad for such an expensive bike. I can probably forward the pics to anyone who may be able to advise?
Have also written to seller Unikcycle to understand if it is normal, with pics attached..
11th Aug 2015
From: Singapore
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