Subject: Guangzhou Bike Shop

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Guangzhou Bike Shop

Posted on: 27th Apr 2015 2:37 PM    Quote and Reply

i guess this is the last day you stay in Guangzhou. I have just Baidu (China major search engine). There are several famous stores like 德政北的TREK,中山大道中的品路,海珠北的宏扬,海印桥脚(南)的哗宝. You can ask your hotel reception for these stores or draw a simple map for you.

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Posted on: 22nd Apr 2015 3:58 PM    Quote and Reply

shenzhen got many OEM factory that sells frames wheels forks seats handlebars ...... heck they'll set up a full carbon bike for you for below $1700

no guarantee on their quality and parts reliability..... thats your own risk

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Posted on: 16th Apr 2015 6:34 PM        


I will be in Guanzhou from 20th April for one week, may I ask if you all know any good bike shop I can visit.

Thanks in advance. 
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