Subject: A rear light that brightens up when the cyclist brakes!

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A rear light that brightens up when the cyclist brakes!

Posted on: 20th Apr 2015 12:46 AM    Quote and Reply

Hypermarkets that sell bikes and accessories have those cheap ones. Once you apply break the blinking light will light on until break is released

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Posted on: 19th Apr 2015 1:50 PM    Quote and Reply

I have a B&M Dynamo lighting system. It works so far as well

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Posted on: 19th Apr 2015 8:49 AM    Quote and Reply

Lumicycle lights have been retailing an intergated tail / brake light that is similar for quite a long time as well. Costs about GBP80 but is very good I got one in 2013.

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Posted on: 18th Apr 2015 10:22 PM    Quote and Reply

This was released quite some time ago in kickstarter.

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Posted on: 17th Apr 2015 11:13 AM        

This is an open discussion thread for the news A rear light that brightens up when the cyclist brakes!

Whenever a motorist steps on the brakes, the rear lights of his car or motorcycle will be simultaneously brightened as part of the vehicular alert system to warn other motorists that he is slowing down.  Whilst this technology is not something new, most of the bicycle rear safety lighting systems used by night cyclists are conventional and only equipped with standard flashing configurations.  There is no way for night cyclists to alert the motorists that that he or she is slowing the bike down and this may pose a danger to the cyclists.  But, this may change very soon. 

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