Subject: Foldie/Roadie PCN riders

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Foldie/Roadie PCN riders

Posted on: 9th Aug 2014 11:36 PM    Quote and Reply

No worries riding on road. Just turn on rear lights even on day time.

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Posted on: 9th Aug 2014 11:12 PM    Quote and Reply

You meant take the PCN? But hard to maintain a 28km/h speed leh. Most likely will end up collision with a slower or recreational cyclist leh

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Posted on: 9th Aug 2014 10:37 PM    Quote and Reply

Not worth risking your life to cycle on the road.
take the cycling route that is built for its purpose. 

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Posted on: 9th Aug 2014 10:30 PM    Quote and Reply

Merc and BMW drivers are the worst, think they own the road - some of the foreign goods vehicle drivers can be dodgy as well. 

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Posted on: 9th Aug 2014 9:48 PM    Quote and Reply

Today is our national day, had a great ride this afternoon......on ROAD !!
My God, I did it on the full stretch of Changi Coastal Road, about 6km stretch from Changi Jetty to near Easst Coast park. I noticed the car and truck usually just give way and goes on the other outer lane and I goes around 27-34km/h most of the time. All good except for One Merc dun know why comes within 6inches of me although the outer lane is empty and free. Not sure the driver objective though. Any one got such encounter of such rich driver?

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Posted on: 21st Jul 2014 8:51 PM        

Seen alot of foldie riders, MTB, even Roadie and some Aloeca rider on PCN along Changi coastal road. There seem to be an unwritten rule ie to keep to the left when riding and most of the season riders will do that. Lately, encountered a number of rider who dun. They keep riding on the right side, then somethime swing to the left side, some ride from left to right and right to left. a few miss accident so far, as we tend to ride a little faster along this stretch and we always overtake on the right side, not knowing that they may swing to the right anytime.
How to let them know this rule. I saw a few rider (Just last Sunday) shouting at them to keep left. Anyone encounter this ? 
3rd Jun 2014
From: Singapore
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