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Ride hook-ups meeting and riding in Malaysia and other countries outside of Singapore..
Ride hook-ups meeting and riding in Malaysia and other countries outside of Singapore..
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Posted on: 5th May 2013 5:32 PM    Quote and Reply

thezacchaeus: v inspiring indeed

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Posted on: 18th Feb 2013 1:06 PM    Quote and Reply


Follow your heart and you wont regret. With preparation of course.

In May 2011, I did a solo ride from Bedok to Butterworth (900km) on a $150 run-down commuter bike, 2 cheapo haversacks tied to the rear rack, camera, the usual essentials and a heavy dose of enthsiasm coupled with unerving uncertainty and self-doubts. Conceptualisation to execution took abt 2 wks, I did not want to succumb to analysis paralysis hence I decided on the west coast after deliberating for a day or two, reasons being I've cycled the east coast numerous times (up to Kota Tingi) so was looking for a new route, and secondly the west coast is more populated than the east so that means more things to see/do/eat/stay etc.

I was on federal roads all the way, no expressway (Lebuhraya) for me. Route (not stopovers) is Bedok-Woodlands-Pontian-Batu Pahat-Muar-Malacca-Port Dickson-Nilai-KL-Rawang-Tg Malim-Tapah-Ipoh-Taiping-Bt Mertajam.

Accomodation was not planned, neither was the route, and no GPS either. I'd to play by ear depending on my physical condition, state of mind and the external circumstances I find myself in. I'd a Map of Peninsula Malaysia bought from the bookstore and found its limitations in the scale of the maps not detailed enough to even show country roads. Lots depend on putting aside ego and using my limited vocab in Malay language, seek help from anyone who looked like they could help, and most if not all the time, I get friendly responses (though not all are actually helpful). I relied heavily on road signs, and for accomodation, it was never difficult to find a budget one (I've simple expectations though).

Cycling from KL to Taiping was probably the most enjoyable as traffic was lesser, skies bluer (or so I thought) and to the east I could appreciate the long vista of the Titiwangsa mountain range, very nice.  Weather was extremely hot, and the long stretches of federal roads without trees are a real challenge, sometimes with strong headwinds too. I relied entirely on food/drinks available along the route, no fancy gels/bars etc. I relished on roadside stalls selling sugar cane juice, banana fritters, chendol etc too, and replaced isotonic drinks with iced teh for my bottles. All cheap and really good. 

With the exception of Malacca, I stopped riding once I reach a town at 5pm or so, to give me enough time to find accomodation, do my laundry before heading out (on foot) to find local delicacy and some simple shopping. I was late coming into Malacca and despite having bike lights, I was not too keen on cycling alone after sunset. This message was reinterated several times by locals (strangers) whom I spoke to along the way.

At Butterworth, I got a friend to book a Jetstar ticket for a flight back to Spore. All I'd to do was rode around, find a bike shop to box-up my bike and get them to arrange a lorry transfer for my bike and myself to Penang Airport on departure day. May sound seemless but the stress level was quite high due to the many 'ifs'. I returned home in one piece, sunburnt, lost couple of kilos but renwed with newfound confidence. Bike tour is a good way to bring out the human spirit in yourself and others too.  

All in, go ahead and do it. The accomplishment is beyond words (and medals or certificates).

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Posted on: 18th Jan 2013 5:35 PM    Quote and Reply

Why not do a short trip to rengit or desaru as a start ? you can always stay over at one of those motels at rengit plus there's good seafood. for desaru spend a bit more stay at lotus and if you go with a group maybe can share cost.

I did a couple of trips on my full-sus there on my own, great way and place to jump-start :)

ps: if you dont feel safe alone, organise a trip.

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Posted on: 18th Jan 2013 8:10 AM    Quote and Reply

I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that you did not go on your tour. But, that's a decision that only you can make.

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Posted on: 18th Jan 2013 5:32 AM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by thezacchaeus: Greetings everyone, i'm still in Singapore. sighhhh looks like i lost out on this one after everything. Check out my posts for more information haha Anyway i am still keen in doing an epic ride but will need more time for planning and some kakis to go with.

Thankyou every single one of you who gave me valuable advice through PMs, thread responses and meet ups.


Relax. I believe if you plan it well, you can do 210 Km round island within Singapore, with its better security. Perhaps we like to join you. Do keep us posted.

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Posted on: 14th Jan 2013 2:47 PM        

Hi fellow users of all sorts of bikes, I'll be heading up to Melacca this coming Thursday and be back in Singapore by Sunday in celebration of my 21st birthday. Hence I'm looking for someone to ride this journey with.

Distance wise would be a 220km there and another 220km back. Total 440km.
Doing it over a span of 4days so it will be very manageable, more of a relaxed paced.
The route we will be taking would be Johor Bahru - Potian - Batu Pahat - Melacca.
Very straight forward route so hardly and chance to get lost, most on the time would be spent on the new road 5. This is part of the route bicycle tourers use when they ride up to KL or Thailand. Here it is

First day would be from JB to Batu Pahat, a total distance of 130km. Where we would stay at that city for the night in either crystal hotel or fairyland hotel. All the hotels in this trip are budget value ones. Less than 20sgd per night.
Secondly day we continue from Batupahat to Melacca a distance of 90km and we will Abe having accomodation at Fenix hotel very near the famous Jonker street. One of the must visit places in Melacca. Arrival we be on a Friday which happens to be when it's at it's busiest.
Third day we begin our journey back home via the same route along the coast. And will make use of the hotel we stayed at on the first night. 90km for that day.
Finally the final day where we head back home from Batupahat, a distance of 130km.

That is basically the summary of the trip. Any kind of bike would be great as speed wouldn't be the main concern since we will be rolling along at touring speed.

This might be really last minute for you but if you are interested please do contact me at 9827 5854. Looking forward to riding with you.

12th May 2012
From: Singapore
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