Subject: Need Pro advise for 11speed ultegra

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Need Pro advise for 11speed ultegra

Posted on: 9th Jun 2015 7:28 AM    Quote and Reply

Get the 11 speed ultegra flat bar shifters, if you want to use with 6800 think they are SL-RS700. You may have to get online, but check with hup Leong, they may have them if available in SG

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Posted on: 8th Jun 2015 11:25 PM        

Dear all,

my fren is thinking to upgrade his 20" foldie to Ultegra 6800 which is 11 speed but not using hornbar.
Does anyone has experiences upgrading this using straight bar?

The wheelset is compatiable for 11speed, but for the front shifter, is it able to use Shimano Alfine shifter?
Or is it a mountain bike shifter?
Understand that mountain should not mix with road...

or the max i can go is 2x10 speed?

Any other recommendation for the shifter? thank u all.
16th Feb 2015
From: Singapore
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