Subject: Around 1.30pm, its warmer with lower humidity

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Around 1.30pm, its warmer with lower humidity

Posted on: 1st Jun 2015 6:54 PM    Quote and Reply

You got the point. You are right. Except, I keep drinking water to quench thrist. Had not been so thirsty before. 

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Posted on: 1st Jun 2015 2:47 PM    Quote and Reply

Had a ride out at ECP with the kids - not too bad - I am pretty sure that lower than normal humidity makes more of a difference than slightly warmer air temps; it's sweat evaporating that cools the body, in high humidity the sweat doesn't evaporate easily so less cooling and more liquid sweat. If you check air temps after rain when the sun comes out it can be 27 but feel horrendously hot and sticky as the humidity is still around 95%. There is also pretty nice southerly breeze which also helps

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Posted on: 1st Jun 2015 2:11 PM        

Hi Everyone, Today, its warmer than most afternoons around this time, with the humidity below 50% according to a hygrometer reading?

Share with us, anyone enjoying himself cycling out there? Many thanks.
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