Subject: Ordering a complete bike from Chain Reaction Cycles

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Ordering a complete bike from Chain Reaction Cycles

Posted on: 27th Nov 2014 10:41 AM    Quote and Reply

Can ask CRC to mark as gift without value? Hahaha


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Posted on: 10th Nov 2014 2:11 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by jetsky: Whats CRC?"

Chain Reaction Cycles.

Have a safe & enjoyable ride!

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Posted on: 10th Nov 2014 9:57 AM    Quote and Reply

Whats CRC?

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Posted on: 13th Aug 2014 12:46 AM    Quote and Reply

Yup. Depends on luck. Fedex will collect on delivery though. I don't think CRC will mark down on the delivery invoice like China manufacturers. lol.

Get the cheapest delivery and pray.

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Posted on: 12th Aug 2014 1:27 PM    Quote and Reply

I have ordered a few bikes from various places, always came in one box, and sometimes you get hit with GST and sometimes you get away with it...dunno how the system works...maybe just luck of the draw?

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Posted on: 23rd Jun 2014 12:34 PM        

Hi guys anyone here ever ordered a complete bike from CRC? Are there any GST/ Taxes Involved if the bike costs $1100? Appreciate all responses 
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