Subject: Dahon Vitesse P18

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Dahon Vitesse P18

Posted on: 26th Jun 2015 2:08 PM    Quote and Reply

Vitesee P18 is going for $800+his upgrade around $700, so probably $1500 for the whole bike?

Cos i saw online, one seller is posting a new Vitese P18 with similar Litepro components upgrades at $899

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Posted on: 26th Jun 2015 1:47 PM    Quote and Reply

Dun forget p18 is 2x9 speed.. the rest are 1X7 for c7 and 1x8 for falco. . Of course its vastly superior. For your budget there is actuall crius, garcia and lambo all with 2x9 speed. But quality is not as good as dahon and tern.

His upgrade is most probly 700 plus..assuming he did not upgrade his brakes, groupset and tyres.. good rims btw..

Dahon falco is cro-mo meh?

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Posted on: 26th Jun 2015 1:23 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi, deenux

how much did your upgraded dahon p18 cost? 

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Posted on: 30th Apr 2014 4:14 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi deenux, 

for budget of 850 - 900, tern have Link C7, dahon have VP18, falcon.

advantages of Vitesse is body is aluminium 7005 compare to C7[6005] and falcon[CRMO].
this make the body lightes than other 2. this bike can easy upgrade too.

share with you my VP18 full upgraded[email protected]/sets/72157643980162243/?view=md

total weight around 10.5kg. 

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Posted on: 29th Apr 2014 11:42 PM        

Hi bros,

Newbie here seeking advise on Dahon Vitesse P18 in price range of 850 - 900 is worth buying from the shop or there are better alternatives.

Your input is much appreciated.

27th Apr 2014
From: Singapore
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