Subject: [Compliment] Decathlon SG exchange policy and professionalism!

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[Compliment] Decathlon SG exchange policy and professionalism!

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Posted on: 15th Jun 2019 5:59 AM        

I see lots of threads asking about bike shop recommendations shops either to buy or fix and ofcourse the occasional complain threads so i thought why not a thread acknowledging the great expereince i had with a store that sells and provides servicing of bikes that many might still not be aware of! So far i have been a frequent customer of Decathlon since the 1st day they came to SG and overall i have to say their exchange policy and professionalism when servicing my bike related item/s has been top notch! So far i had a BTWin presta tube valve leaking and i came down to the Decathlon Store @ Kallang (24hrs) and within 3 minutes i had a brand new tube. I suggest joining as a member (FOC) as your soft copy receipt would be in your account and this helps greatly during refunds/exchanges! Another time my BTWin 7-9 speed RD suddenly had its pulley arm bent horribly when i was going uphill and again the exchange procedure was hassle free and pleasant! It was so bent i couldn't cycle at first but thankfully i spotted a big rock and bashed it straight enough to get me to the nearest Decathlon outlet haha. Also both tubes and RD are covered by 2 years local warranty so for me i feel there is no point going elsewhere for tubes and low end/budget bike parts haha. So here's to Decathlon SG inspiring me as a cyclist with trust, confidence and even admiration for their time here so far - thumbs up!
11th Jul 2015
From: Singapore
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