Subject: A beginner to road bikes

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A beginner to road bikes

Posted on: 30th Nov 2020 6:27 PM    Quote and Reply

hmm you stated u wanted to start cycling *again* so i assume u are familiar with road bikes specifically? if not best to test ride one out as i have known people who buy road bikes only to find that the riding posture/position is totally not to their liking....

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Posted on: 22nd Nov 2020 7:25 PM    Quote and Reply

Does it have to be new? You can get a much better deal used. Just ensure you know how to verify the quality of the bike. There are plenty of helpful and informative videos out there on this topic.

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Posted on: 22nd Nov 2020 5:54 PM        

Hi guys!, Brendan here from Sinagpore. I recently wanted to start cycling again and wanted to invest in a good road bike.

I recently cam across, Triban RC 500 for around $750SGD. I was recommended that this was a good bike with okay specs. But its currently out of stock till late Dec (according to the salesperson). So i still have time to consider other options.

I know that road bikes arent cheap, but my max price range is $850SGD. Im looking for a bike that is good for a beginner and money worth. I hope that you can advise/reccomend me some bikes.

Best regards!
22nd Nov 2020
From: Singapore
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