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I live outside of Singapore, can I still sign up and join?

Yes. The beauty of this Challenge is that you can log in your activities anytime and anywhere.

I have registered, what's next?

Simply start using your STRAVA app to record your activities starting from the Challenge start date. Record them as either "Cycle" or "Walk" or "Run" activities. The Togoparts leaderboard will start syncing your activities automatically. Check back to the event leaderboard to see your rankings on the Togoparts site or on our iOS or Android App. Please ensure that you authorise Togoparts to connect to your STRAVA account. Remember to use your STRAVA App to track all your activities during the challenge period. You can find STRAVA's authorisation link in our notification email. If you are using a non-STRAVA device to record your activities, please upload your activities to STRAVA. Just make sure all devices are STRAVA-compatible! Once the challenge starts, the leaderboard will be refreshed periodically to reflect your relevant completed activity details.

What if I do not hit the minimum requirement of $50 funds raised?

You will not be able to qualify for the leaderboard. All funds raised will be directed to BCCS (Limited) to support our beneficiaries. No refund of donations would be made.

We have registered as a team. What will happen if some of our members are unable to achieve the required donation amount?

The member who does not achieve the required donation amount will not qualify for the leaderboard.

I ordered merchandise, when will it be delivered?

All merchandise will be shipped out 4-6 weeks after the challenge ends.

Team vs Individual Donations

How do donations work?

Friends and members of the public can donate via your individual or team profile page without logging in. The funds go directly to the event organizer through a payment gateway, such as Stripe. Togoparts.com does not hold any funds in escrow.

How do team donations work?

For example, if a team has 3 people (Person A, B & C) and someone donates $90 via the team page, then each person will receive $30 ($90/3). If Person A raises an additional $10 on their own, their total raised amount would be $40. The team's total raised amount would be $90 + $10 = $100. If a 4th person (Person D) joins the team, any further donations received through the team will be divided by 4.

What if a person who has already raised, for example, $100 joins an existing team?

The $100 raised by the individual will be added to the team's total amount raised. The person will become a new member of the team.

Team Joining and Changing Mechanics

Can I change my team after I've already joined another team?

Once you have joined a team, you are unable to switch to a different team.

Can I withdraw from a team?

Once you have joined a team, you cannot withdraw or leave the team.

Can I update my team information after joining?

You can make changes to your team information before the "update info end date." However, once the specified deadline has passed, no further updates can be made.

Tracking and Logging of Activities

Where can I check my progress against other participants?

You can check the challenge leaderboard after it goes live on the first day of the challenge period.

My activities does not show up on the challenge leaderboard or I do not see my username on the challenge leaderboard after authorising Togoparts to connect to my STRAVA account.

The challenge leaderboard will be refreshed periodically throughout each day. Allow for up to 4 hours for your activities to be updated on the Togoparts Leaderboard after you have completed your activities. If any irregularities occur, please email us at [email protected]. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to respond.

Can I log multiple activities to add up to the challenge distance?

Yes. The beauty of this Challenge is that you can log in your activities anytime and anywhere.
Just remember to log your activities during the event period with the STRAVA app, or upload them to STRAVA if you are using another app to record your activities. Just make sure the devices are STRAVA-compatible!

Can I measure my distance using other apps or devices?

We require all participants to log their activities using STRAVA. You can use other tracking apps, like Garmin, and upload your activities to STRAVA. If you have logged your activities with another app and not STRAVA, the system will not recognise uploaded activities.

Sometimes I ride for very long distances. How do I ensure my battery does not run out?

To conserve your battery, allow the STRAVA app to run in the background while it is recording your activities. Here's a few steps you can follow:

Turn on location services for your mobile phone:

iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Set to ON; Android (Samsung 6.0.1): Settings > Privacy & Safety > Set to ON

Turn on your STRAVA app's location services:

iOS: Settings > STRAVA > Location > Set to "While Using" or "Always"

Android: On by default.

When you go out for a run or walk, hit record and turn off your mobile phone's screen. Special thanks to user triton for sharing this information.

Can I log my actIvities on a trainer / stationary bike?

No, all indoor activities will not be recognised for the Leaderboard.

Can I add my runs or walks manually?

No, manual activities will not be recognised for this event.

Why do some of my activities don't register?

Your activities may be uploaded late (a few days after the activity), especially for participants that use other tracking apps like Garmin.
We advise you to upload your activities as soon as possible. If your STRAVA privacy setting is not set to PUBLIC,
our leaderboard will not be able to pull your activities and update it automatically.

The distance recorded by STRAVA is inaccurate, can you add the missing distance into that activity?

We are unable to edit the details recorded by STRAVA. We do advise participants to ensure their GPS signal is strong throughout the your activities, and consistently check that STRAVA is recording.

I use Garmin Connect / Movescount to track my activities. How do I link them to STRAVA?

You can log into your STRAVA account and click on this link: www.STRAVA.com/upload/device Alternatively, you can check this out: STRAVA.zendesk.com/forums/20539803-Uploading-to-STRAVA

Is it necessary to use the STRAVA iPhone/Android app to record my activities if I have another app, such as Garmin, that I normally use?

No, you can continue to use your existing preferred app, such as a Garmin Edge, to record your activities; as long as you can sync and upload them to STRAVA. If you use both to record your activities we will adapt to recognise the distance from only 1 source.

How do I record an outdoor activity?

Outdoor activities are activities that are supported by a GPS/Map data. You can record outdoor activities in multiple ways. You can use any tracking device that tracks your distance and is linked to your STRAVA Account. You can directly record your activities using the STRAVA App as well!You can check more information here: https://support.STRAVA.com/hc/en-us/articles/216917397-Recording-an-Activity 

We ran/rode as a team, can we tag each other on the activity?

Tagging your fellow participants will create an identical record of activities which will be flagged by our system and the other participants. As a General Rule, we do not allow participants to tag each other in order to avoid reflecting identical records for the challenge.

We have already tagged our teammates to those activities, what will happen?

Our team goes through the leaderboard weekly. If by any chance that identical activities are detected, Togoparts reserves the right to remove these identical activities from the challenge.

Why are some of my rides missing?

There are a couple of reasons why they could be missing:

-You have recorded your activity prior to linking your STRAVA to the challenge. Our system only recognizes activities that are recorded after the linking. Please email us at [email protected] to have your prior rides synced.

-You have set an incorrect activity type on STRAVA. For #goMAD2023, our system will only recognize Cycling, Walk, and Run activities.

-Your activity may have been flagged and have been removed. Our team reserves the right to moderate and remove such rides if proven to be invalid or against our challenge rules.

-Your activity may have been overlapping another activity. Our system is built to automatically detect overlapping activities (by time). It automatically removes one of the overlapping rides and retains the activity with the longest distance recorded.

-You may have violated some Singapore Traffic Rules. In such cases, Togoparts reserves the right to remove these activities. If your activities are missing, you can verify the reason for such by sending us an email at [email protected].


I think someone is using the STRAVA App on an e-bike, motorbike or car.

It's a personal honour challenge, and a physical one. We think every participants have integrity and are honest about challenging themselves.

Togoparts.com reserves the rights to ignore the STRAVA entry due to dishonesty. Based on a case by case basis, we have the right to disqualify any participants at our sole discretion; or should we find a participant in violation of the terms and conditions of the challenge.

How do you verify if the activities are legit?

Our team goes through each activities of each participant on a weekly basis. Towards the end of the challenge, these checks increase in frequency. If you spot any dubious activities, please contact us at [email protected]

How do you treat activities which are made against the Singapore Traffic Rules, for e.g riding on expressway?

A. The entire activities will not be recognised if any section of the activity is recorded on a Singaporean Expressway. Activities on the expressways and road tunnels are not permitted in Singapore. We strongly urge all challengers to run/walk safely and abide by all traffic regulations of Singapore.

Why are some of the postings being removed on Togoparts’s challenge leaderboard?

Togoparts.com will remove postings that are deemed inappropriate and which will adversely affect the spirit of the event.

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