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Wonderful, I will join again

tumtham - 1 year ago

Good challenge, though easy to clear if you are already riding consistently.

kskb - 1 year ago

Great challenge. Convenient registration. Thank for organising after the last Togo challenge.

mal_ali - 1 year ago

It was the love for cycling and the chance to participate in and support some cycling activities of the community that I signed up for this. It was really interesting and I wish for more of such activities to come.

leslie_foo - 1 year ago

It was little difficult to me to complete during fasting month/ Ramadan, but I managed to finish the challenge. Thanks Togo

salams - 1 year ago

It was fun and motivating

aag2019 - 1 year ago

Good challenge. It would be better if it is held not during fasting month.

suhaimi6495 - 1 year ago

Fun experience being part of the challenge! Would join again!

kanzzerr - 1 year ago

glad to finish the 300km all in good weather.

triton - 1 year ago

Good and quite easy challenge

acsimon - 1 year ago

Is a nice Challenge but is not the good time for me as busy on my works. And near to Singapore Wet weather month. Anyway, nice to join it again if still have.

E - 1 year ago

Mostly trips between Home and Office ????

kctoh1967 - 1 year ago

Pushing factor to motivate me to go cycling

JojoCoco - 1 year ago

This is my first time to join a virtual bike challenge and I must say that I really had a great time doing it. looking forward for more virtual challenge from TOGO parts.keep up the good work guys!

Warren369 - 1 year ago

Interesting ride experience this time round since I did in on a road bike for the first time. Really loved the experience of waking up for weekday extra rides just to get the Randonnuer badge and it’s has become a routine that I shall carry on doing from now.

Jpanimeotaku - 1 year ago

It’s really fun and encouraging to keep cycling

Heri Heryanto - 1 year ago

Short and sharp ride for now.

alana07 - 1 year ago

Good motivation for me to ride more and exercise more...love cycling. Thanks TOGOWBD

poserwoo - 1 year ago

It has been a relatively wet and cold start to winter here in Cape Town but this challenge had been a good nudge for me to get out and clock some mileage. We have already spread the word to our buddies and look forward to form a team or ride it again next year / challenge!

neilbuckland0927 - 1 year ago

Interesting ways of encourage us to ride and at the same time reward us...

potams - 1 year ago

fantastic motivation to cycle on!

Favorelle - 1 year ago

Good workout for myself, will join again

Samantha Lee - 1 year ago

It was fun-tasting! The Randoneur challenge spur us to get out and ride to clock distance. Couldn’t believe we could do 300km in 2 weeks without #togowbd!

[email protected] - 1 year ago

My experience with #TOGOWBD has been one of revival, a resurgence. I had been struggling to be a more consistent rider. Unfortunately procrastination got the better of me. Until #TOGOWBD came along and resurrected my love of cycling. Many thanks to #TOGOWBD. You have been an amazing catalyst......

rocco - 1 year ago

Challenging but rewarding. Looking forward to the jersey and medal.

JustMeLah - 1 year ago

Awesome experience, would like to join again

zillianstetra - 1 year ago

Good experience and enjoyable outing with fellow cyclists !

RS2017 - 1 year ago

Thanks Togoparts for organising this race. My first time, and I had so much fun with my friends..it has further spurred my love for cycling. Great chance for team bonding as well. Never thought I could do it - randonneur, Top 10, A Team. Wheeeeee!

MorningSun - 1 year ago

It kept me wanting to ride more!

Alfa1972 - 1 year ago

Good experience. See you guys next year.

Bobby888 - 1 year ago

till next event, thank you

Alcris - 1 year ago

Had fun riding at night #TOGOWBD

darylismael - 1 year ago

Great motivation with the very beautiful medal. Looking forward to next year.

7lvin4 - 1 year ago

Missed out on the previous challenges, so made it a point to take part again this time round. Let this be the first of many!

jhyun - 1 year ago

Had great fun with cycling mates! Event was great and looking forward to the next one!

mtan17 - 1 year ago

Very fun ride with friends

[email protected] - 1 year ago

Aunty Miao here .....
With my not so great health condition, i was not in any condition to participate in any racesor challenges.

However, because Uncle Tamiya encouraged and persuaded me to give it a try again, I did 599.4km ????

It is my great honour to have joined in this TOGOWBD challenge, and I would not have done it without the encouragement from Uncle Tamiya!!

His spirit is alway in Togoparts challenge and was with me all the way, and helped through this challenge!
As I have always say , I will feel lazy and not motivated if one day Uncle Tamiya decided to take a break ????

Thank you bro Allan Yeo and Togoparts for everything!

Miao - 1 year ago

Fun challenge. Achieve the target at your own pace and time. Looking forward for more action in the future #TOGOWBD

t.labunda - 1 year ago

Great! easy to follow ride to achieve the targets at your own pace and time

will04 - 1 year ago

should held such good events frequently

weilie_23 - 1 year ago

Need more of these challenges so I can ride every time and not be lazy :)

imkbms - 1 year ago

This marks my return to cycling after a break of almost 5 and a half months due to a fractured wrist from a fall from ... cycling !

s.c.tan - 1 year ago

Thanks Togoparts for organizing a great event again. Almost couldn't make the distance as i was recovering from an aching left knee and sore shoulders/neck. Finally made it on the last day before the dateline.

Pabloiceman - 1 year ago

Good motivation for workout during Ramadhan.

floydfloat - 1 year ago

Just feel good with #TogoChallenge, hope to see it more often and am looking forward for the upcoming challenge.

knightskid - 1 year ago

This ride motivate me ... after my 3 month recovery from a major bike accident. Great that I manage to finish it ????

Maverick1k - 1 year ago

It always give me the push to ride, ride and ride more,

CP - 1 year ago

This is the first time that I'm taking part in a #TOGOPARTS challenge. I have enjoyed this programme very much and it makes my rides more purposeful. Glad to see so many enthusiastic riders in Singapore!

alfredchuajp - 1 year ago

This my 6th time participating the Togo cycling challenge and I am glad I able to ride with some of my cycling buddies and friends that met them during my rides. Fun and enjoyable cycling challenge for all!

uncletamiya - 1 year ago

It great to ride again with team ride and riding at seletar alone. Good way to Kick start. While waiting for UCL final.
YNWA, let talk about 6 baby, let talk about LFC.

chiatming - 1 year ago

Is a good experiences and gathering with friends to join in with.

rayven1975 - 1 year ago

Easy challenge and encouraging distance

daryllow - 1 year ago

Well organized. Kudos to team #TOGOWBD

ijanraam - 1 year ago

The event is a success. It helped me maintain my fitness and health for the whole week. Lost some weight!

kent.paulo - 1 year ago

I was aiming for something bigger and used #TogoWBD challenge to train for Santini Stelvio Gran Fondo - be one of the first few Singaporeans to attempt and complete both Stelvio and Mortirolo on the same day. This challenge helped a lot, since I was returning from a patellar tendinitis and kudos to everyone in my team for striving to better yourself. Well done to every finisher as well and also the organisers for their efforts. See you next challenge!

sgayanami - 1 year ago

It sparked joy and satisfaction knowing that I’m a little more fitter now than before I started. This challenge is less intimidating for a newbie like me, but still managed to push to me do the distance I’m not used to. Overall, thumbs up!!

sandrasng - 1 year ago