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"Formerly posted by Candygl12: Hi Kent.paulo, thanks for the update."

You're welcome! Enjoy the challenge. 

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Dear #TOGORide2020 participants,

Thank you for joining us at #TOGORide2020 and sharing your rides here to keep each other motivated during this challenging period.

Cycling keep us healthy and mentally strong. At Togoparts, we want our community to stay healthy and be good citizen at the same time. Even when you ride solo, please remember to abide by all your local's health advisements and restrictions.

We are pleased to annouce that #TOGORide2020 now takes in your indoor rides (eg. Zwift) which are uploaded to your Strava account.

#TOGORide2020 is our first-ever year-long virtual leaderboard. We will be rolling out a separate indoor and outdoor leaderboards soon. We are also working hard to fix some of the technical bugs as fast as possible. 

We thank you for your continuous support. As always, have fun riding and stay to keep a safe distance.

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If you wish to alert us of any incidents relating to our challenge riders, please email us at [email protected]

Achievement award winners will be announced at the end of the Challenge period.

If any of your rides is not updated on the leaderboard within 24 hours of your ride, please email us at [email protected]. Please note that issue relating to missing records need to reach us within 3 working days after the ride.

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