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Start Small

Then Conquer
Them All

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#TOGOHALF is a new challenge designed specifically for beginner cyclists.

The aim of this challenge is to encourage new cyclists to venture out of their
comfort zones and introduce them to the wonders of the world of cycling.

Proudly Supported by:

Here's How #TOGOHALF Works

Cycle from 9th Sep 2017 0000hrs to 5th Nov 2017 2359hrs to clock in at least 557km to get the 2017 #TOGOHALF Finisher Jersey!

Ride for any reason or anywhere in the world!

Ride anywhere, on your own time and target for any reason and on any type of bikes that is non-electric/petrol assisted.

Ride to say hi to your friends, go to the market or ride wherever you are on a holiday trip. Anyone around the globe can take part as long as you have a data connection to log your rides!

Finisher Jersey

Finisher Jersey

Cyclists who clock 557km and complete the #TOGOHALF challenge will get this Finisher Jersey.

That's not all! School and Corporate Teams who complete the challenge gets their Finisher T-shirts printed with their School or Company names. Sign Them Up Now! */?> View sizing chart */?>

Celebrate Achievement!​

Finisher Event ​

Collect your #TOGOHALF Finisher Jersey ​at the Togoparts Bike Fest on ​12 Nov 2017 @ Suntec Singapore!

See what our participants had to say

I have gained tremendous fitness (having lost close to 9 kilos since the beginning of TOGO517) and... have dropped a few sizes.


I got to know a few new cyclists well in this event and cycled with them in a few occasions. It was good fun and team building...


This is the 2nd time I have joined a Togo Challenge and have motivated and pushed me in my daily riding habit. Although I am way out here in Ph... I feel just as if I am with all of the participants in SG.


...Overall lifestyle and physique has changed dramatically... Weight dropped from 95kg to 80kg, waistline from 36" to 33". Hopefully this can inspire others to pick up Cycling...


its been a great long journey. i love the way it has shaped my body and mind... the sense to achieve being a better of myself everyday, trying to get better than yesterday.


I learnt a ton about fueling and recovery, both on and off the bike... Great motivator for relatively new cyclists looking to ride their first race/sportif.


You too, can achieve what they achieved

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