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This 2017, Togoparts presents a 3-Part Challenge series: #TOGO517, #TOGO817 & #TOGO1117. These events will culminate at the Finisher’s Event at the Togoparts Bike Fest 2017 at Suntec City.

2017 Challenges

This year, we celebrate the cycling life with our individual and collective adventures in our lush, colourful, busy Asian cities. The Finisher Jersey designs for all 3 Challenges this year reflects the colours and feels of the surroundings we encounter everyday.

Cycle anywhere, anytime, be it road cycling in our roads, colourful neighbourhoods, through lush park connectors, or heading to beautiful South-East Asian slopes for hill climbs and a spot of mountain biking!

Sign up for a Single Challenge pass or take on the Full Season pass and be rewarded! Join as an individual, with family, friends, colleagues or make new friends along the way!

Challenge distance: 517 km

Elite distance: 1,517 km

Closed for Registration

0000hrs / 13th May 2017

2359hrs / 18th June 2017

5 Weeks

Challenge distance: 817 km

Elite distance: 2,017 km

Closed for Registration

0000hrs / 15th July 2017

2359hrs / 3rd Sept 2017

7 Weeks

Challenge distance: 1117 km

Elite distance: 2,517 km

Challenge distance: 557 km

Closed for Registration

0000hrs / 9th Sept 2017

2359hrs / 5th Nov 2017

8 Weeks


I am very proud of the team and hard effort we have been doing

kresnawan 3 years ago

if not going for elite, it's pretty relaxing

macpork 2 years ago

Been a good ride however my wife got injured in the process and had to stop riding till at least 6 months later. Thanks for the wonderful experience and I should be trying for #817 for sure.... Read more

Louisville 3 years ago

mo ngomong apa ya... rodo males.. nggapleki...

xanadu 3 years ago

Always plan and schedule out your timing and dates so that you can plan ahead to complete such challenge. ... Read more

terencetan1978 3 years ago

Great experience, enjoyed riding with everyone. On to the next one!

DanLanglois 3 years ago

Nothing much to say as I was too busy during this period.

simsl77 3 years ago

It has been a very interesting 5 weeks for me - struggling to stay on target, catching up on the miles, challenging myself to stay committed to the ride. I experienced my many 1st's in these 5 weeks -... Read more

nicz5584 3 years ago

A lot of unfortunate events took place this time around.

DanLanglois 2 years ago

#TOGO517 have been a wonderful experience that Riding almost Everyday with my riding kakis with a lot of planning to change my component that enhance my saddle time. RKS teammates have rode hard in th... Read more

chiatming 3 years ago

good to know fellow cyclists here.

35534 2 years ago

Thanks for the motivation

dc84 3 years ago

Good challenge to motivate us to cycle for healthy lifestyle,

floydfloat 3 years ago

Finally last one done... all 3 Togo challenge elite.. 2017 ending with this and I finally did it

Takashirei 2 years ago

Looking forward to the next challenge!

alexquah74 2 years ago

It's been an amazing 4 months starting from TOGO817, 10 years since i bought my 1st bicycle and i have never ridden so much before in my life, it's been very tiring so far but the experience is fantas... Read more

fastfrag1981 2 years ago

Hope to be able to get Elite for the next challenge. Congrats to all finishers!

Kurenai_19 2 years ago

Good 817km and to push my own limits

quixoticx 3 years ago

Good to have such challenge to keep myself motivated to ride often

neretzek 3 years ago

Keeps me fit and improving better. Great to meet and chat with fellow cyclists on water refill, hawkers, toilets, on the road, etc. Cycling is really enjoyable!... Read more

MARIOR 3 years ago

I was this close! The PCN ****** me 162km from the finish! So close... I was so close to getting all three. It's like deja vu from 920 where I also could've gotten it if not for the injury in the last... Read more

Greybach 2 years ago

Feeling great to complete within the 517km timeframe and surprise that i can complete 1,517km to be in the elite.... Read more

knightskid 3 years ago

nice event...let me can keep challenge

Trevos kwan 3 years ago

How far a person can go is not determined by the body only. The mind pushes, the body follows. Going through 517km reminds me that there are limits that I can still overcome and places in... Read more

Chanjw 3 years ago

A fun way to improve endurance especially for new riders like me!

chtur 2 years ago

Good reasons to go out more.

YNP 3 years ago

Good experience. Really improved my fitness.

mtunlinn 3 years ago

Togo517 motivated me to cycle at times when I usually just want to "nua" on my sofa. Looking forward to the next challenge!... Read more

shasha 3 years ago

A wonderful challenge to motivate myself to keep healthy doing what I enjoy doing.

Alfa1972 3 years ago

This is the first time I joined this event. it was a fun and challenging experience riding together with my fellow ride kakis to achieve our own goals and set milestones in our riding path.... Read more

alana07 3 years ago

It was a great challenge tho there has been some hiccups on my distance recorded. Nevetheless, it's a challenge that keeps one motivated to ride on ?... Read more

mal_ali 3 years ago

This is my first time joining the togoparts challenges, and its big experience to give me more motivation into cyling, as Im trying to achieve the elite finisher, which is hard for me regarding that I... Read more

arifase 3 years ago

I would love to dedicate this challenge to my beloved husband, Baagi aka bags who empowers me in everything I set my heart to do.

To the two people, who have inspired me to cycle, KOKO Qu... Read more

Tansbag 3 years ago

It was tough to balance work and cycling, but I completed finally!

Edwinner 3 years ago

at last completed on time

gmalvin 3 years ago

brianleong 3 years ago

It was nice. It motivates you to cycle at least once or twice a week.

ehaps 3 years ago

Good training for this event

Xg3niisx 3 years ago

Another excuse to go out riding.. and missing out on togo817 due to work commitments, just glad to be able to squeeze the time to complete togo1117km... ... Read more

Han Swifter 2 years ago

My second togo event. Successfully completed it. This time around managed to pull along a few friends doing it together. This event has definately encouraged me to stay healthy and to keep cycling. Th... Read more

tamiya83 2 years ago

Been a good, physically draining, mentally exhausting and crazy #Togo817. Thank you for the opportunity to challenge the achievements and to achieve one of them is an honor. Thank you Togoparts! Looki... Read more

sgayanami 3 years ago

Totally enjoyed this. Makes you go all the way out to exercise.

teoboonkengalvin 2 years ago

#togo517 made me push to my limits. Go out to my laziness zone. And achieved what i want to achieve????.. cycling the whole day and enjoy every part and scenery in Singapore. Definitely going to do it... Read more

bui 3 years ago

I got to know a few new cyclists well in this event and cycled with them in a few occasions. It was good fun and team building. I also cycled to Kukup with Stephen Moore and conquered the challenging... Read more

jsckoo2016 3 years ago

Loads of discipline and endurance required, but an achievement to just complete it... Great experience..... Read more

faithboy24 3 years ago

It is always Fun to ride in a team!!! Well done Grace revolution Divas!!! Thanks to all Grace Revolution Riders and all Tyrell Riders that rode along with me in this ToGo517. ????????????????????????... Read more

LilyLai 3 years ago

1st attempt. completed. fell short of elite

MarcKoh 3 years ago

Another nice challenge of the year !! Well done Togo !

avinlee 3 years ago

I have only 4 weeks to complete the 1117km as I am out of sg. If I could have 8 weeks elite ride should not be an issue to me.

Congrats to all who completed the challenge and also those... Read more

terencetan1978 2 years ago

An interesting and fulfilling journey of self-induced “slavery” (i say this with fondness - lol) that involved much time management, sacrifice and determination. Cheers to my Team Speed Rocket te... Read more

Eruaina 2 years ago

#Togo817 was my 1st event i joined which allows me to test how far i could go.
I really like this experience and i participate for #Togo1117km after i completed #Togo817.... Read more

iverson 3 years ago

My First Cycling Self Challenge ????????????????????????????????

kctoh1967 1 year ago

mara'i males melu meneh... kere...

mukyo 3 years ago

It was my first cycling challenge and it was a great experience. I love the community and energy. And it gave me the motivation to go out and see more places in Singapore. ... Read more

ruckus.lilypad 3 years ago

Nice experience! Thanks for Organising this great event!

limy89 3 years ago

It was a fun and fulfilling event and a sense of elation when completing the distance well ahead of time. Forza #Togoparts... Read more

Pabloiceman 3 years ago

Glad I did it... All for the fun of trying it for the first time...

alyciagoh 3 years ago

TOGO817 was my first virtual race and I really love it. The challenge is not to beat other participants but to beat yourself. To wake up early in the morning and ride 50-100 km everyday is hard if you... Read more

lonelynomad 3 years ago

It's been a nice catching up mileages with the team as away on 3 week of business trip.

fossils1234 3 years ago

Rank 445...what?! Oh my...huge gap from my previous achivements! Anyways I must say that this time around i have been so busy that its tough trying to find time to get on the saddle unlike those other... Read more

mal_ali 3 years ago

1/2 through the challenge I had a crash and my bike frame broke. Thankfully I suffer minor external injuries. Change a new frame to complete this challenge.

I was lucky to complete the to... Read more

JX Goh 2 years ago

Joining #TOGO817 challenge is truly a great experience for me. I really need to push my limits to be able to meet the elite target.
Other than the obvious physical benefits (stronger stamina and... Read more

marcelmuliawan 3 years ago

1st time in many years that my Total Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol is in healthy range which surprise me after joining Togo517 to mid-way of Togo817. Am so glad for such challenge that push me to ex... Read more

knightskid 3 years ago

Had a great time riding with kakis!

ChroniclesOLife 3 years ago

1/2 through the challenge I had a crash and my bike frame broke. Thankfully I suffer minor external injuries. Change a new frame to complete this challenge.

I was lucky to complete the to... Read more

JX Goh 2 years ago

I can't believe I get it~! With work and more work and still I do my best to clock my 1517km, I'm so happy that I achieve it~! I hope to join more event and achieve more~! Thank you Togo517. ^_^ ... Read more

Delog 3 years ago

An awesome event to take part in..

weilie_23 3 years ago

My 1st experience with togo challenge. I had never thought to be able to go this far. Thanks to all my cycling kakis for motivation, encouragement and ridden with me to complete this challenge. Love i... Read more

katchu 3 years ago

2nd challenge done... alot of hard work and time spend.. last 1 to go..

Takashirei 2 years ago

Great fun and experience .....

Mondayzblue 2 years ago

Just getting it over and done with... Lol...

alyciagoh 2 years ago

It has been a wonderful experience to have a digital event that keeps us pedalling away! It was both enriching and motivational. I look forward to both the next TOGO event. Thank you organisers for th... Read more

quaver 3 years ago

Always keeping fit with cycling

fjgarcia 3 years ago

1st time in many years that my Total Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol is in healthy range which surprise me after joining Togo517 to mid-way of Togo817. Am so glad for such challenge that push me to ex... Read more

knightskid 3 years ago

This is getting competitive :)

Maritimo 3 years ago

1 year ago, I started cycling again and was struggling at about 35km. Now, 1 year later, I had completed togo517. togo817 and togo1187. I found it unbelievable but through these 3 challenges, I have m... Read more

peterteo 2 years ago

I enjoyed this. Should continue to have this short achievable ride.

sweeleegoh 3 years ago

First time paid to ride for togo1117.
Pro---Got leadboard to compare.
Got drama to watch.
Can monitor other cyclist hideout.
Learn that can sabo people by flagged.
Got t... Read more

febboy 2 years ago

This is a much restful and relaxed ride. I did not take any leave to clock any RI or XI, or do any loops. I cycle when I can whenever I am available or weather permits. Its great I improve my ranking ... Read more

tumtham 3 years ago

Every day like challenge and every mile is count

zulfakar 2 years ago

Its great that the extention of the time period to complete the challenge. 1st attempt, not the last. Admin team very responsive to equiries. ... Read more

johngoh922 3 years ago

I had an immensely rewarding experience participating in TOGO517 and shooting for Elite. I learnt a ton about fueling and recovery, both on and off the bike; planning and accomplishing planned workout... Read more

palocortado 3 years ago

Nice 2917 challenge ...

fossils1234 2 years ago

Pros: Swollen Thighs, Faster rolling
Cons: Realising you have too much time

gphofficial 3 years ago

Togo817 was a good initiative, a good challenge. It encourage and motivates me to cycle more than the usual. helping me to keep fit and be healtier.... Read more

Kelvin Chua 3 years ago

I took up the challenge of #togo817 Elite, and thankfully made it, with 7 weeks of mostly dry weather.

Adjusted my body to wake up early every weekday and even earlier on weekends to clo... Read more

tumtham 3 years ago

It's funny to see people go crazy!

bernieabella 3 years ago

It has been an enjoyable experience with Togo517, allowing me to pace myself over the 5 weeks.

Blessed Chris 3 years ago

first experience and defo not the last :')

LEECHEE 3 years ago

Tis is the 4th time i taking part in the togopart challenge. I manage to complete it within the time frame...... Read more

Ryousuke 3 years ago

Overall it was a good motivational event for me , simple goals setting and yet very addictive chasing/clocking mileage day after day, night after night.....despite busy work life schedules!!... Read more

1265dscf 3 years ago

Thanks the event that made me ride more.

JaceT 3 years ago

The only challenge which is worth to sign up with.

knightskid 1 year ago

Nothing can describe the mood boost & positive vibes cycling brings after every ride. Kudos to TOGO for organising this challenge to ignite everyone's passion for cycling. ... Read more

orangejulz 3 years ago

1st event for me, good to challenge your own limits.

Lim suk ngo 3 years ago

LokeCK 3 years ago

good event to challenge myself to keep fit rather than slacking at home. Looking forward for togo817 or any other event in future... Read more

JeremytheBeast 3 years ago

Despite of the hiccups in the beginning of the challenge, I am grateful that I am able to complete #TOGO817 challenge!... Read more

BensonTing 3 years ago

Manage to finish 500 plus...

potams 1 year ago

Riding with Kakis and look at the beautiful thing during ride is wonderful, cycling is freedom! pedal more to move forward. ... Read more

chiatming 3 years ago

a good warm up to the following distance - 817

triton 3 years ago

Great experience! At first I thougnt I wasn't going to make to the elite because I missed a lot of on riding days. But I challenged myself to push hard and and complete the 2517 km requirement. And no... Read more

Lomar 2 years ago

Encourage and push people to go out cycling

Carynator 3 years ago

this challenge is very shiok!

melhwc 2 years ago

It's the Final Count down !

Maritimo 2 years ago

Love the experience with CCK buddies and togoparts. Finishing jersey is in good quality. Will join and support togopart again......... Read more

annalee 3 years ago

Im glad to join the Togo 517 event. Through the event I'm getting stronger, and along the way I get to know many new cyclists. Is very fun and exciting event and I'm looking forward for the coming 817... Read more

garyong72 3 years ago

Togo517 is my 3rd time challenge and it is great experience that I able to ride with some of great Togo cyclists together in some of my rides. Lastly, I still have thanks my younger brother - Ivan Ye... Read more

uncletamiya 3 years ago

A great motivation to cycle more ! Awesome !

spider_manz 3 years ago

It was a great experience. I'm glad that I was able to complete the challenge despite having O' level this year. Definetly will be looking foward for the next challenge!(:... Read more

squxhashi 2 years ago

#TOGO517 is my virgin Togo Challenge. I had only started riding in August 2016. This challenge has keep me motivated to ride more regularly on top of my once a week ride. Am proud of myself to have co... Read more

JackieYong 3 years ago

??????????????????????????? so near, yet so far...

Misakict 3 years ago

very use full event

DHANASEKARAN 3 years ago

You get to experience rides that get you out of your comfort zone :)

dickiedear 3 years ago

Awesome event!! And should be held annually..

weilie_23 3 years ago

Togo517 has really chellenged me to the max, pushing my limits, but it was all worth it in the end. In this challenge, I have met with all sorts of issues thats holding me back from completing the cha... Read more

pulse 3 years ago

Joining Togo517 is a good reason to regularly go out for a spin and clock the mileage.

YNP 3 years ago

Fun, enjoyable. Going for 1117km.

Ken LI 3 years ago

Completed my first bike challenge! Is a good event that bring friends together !

vernon 3 years ago

Very Competitive, but fun - mostly :-)

Maritimo 3 years ago

A big thumbs up for #togo817! Keep pushing to higher grounds!

peterteo 2 years ago

A great experience for the newbie me!

Hieraglyph 2 years ago

This event i was not in good condition. Injuries struck me. But thanks to my riding kakis. I manage to complete it last min. Ride on even with injuries. Mamba mentality ... Read more

Ryan Yang 2 years ago

An awesome elite jersey design and a collectors item. I have became stronger from 817. Thank You Togoparts.... Read more

Timmyz37 3 years ago

Excellent event to get people really into cycling. Well done!

GCKING 3 years ago

Thanks! I enjoyed it a lot!

leonardkzw 3 years ago

1/2 through the challenge I had a crash and my bike frame broke. Thankfully I suffer minor external injuries. Change a new frame to complete this challenge.

I was lucky to complete the to... Read more

JX Goh 2 years ago

Togo817 challenge, it's full of fun and enjoyments riding with cycling buddies / team mates and Togo817 participants for through out this challenge. I am glad all able to achieve their goals safely. A... Read more

uncletamiya 3 years ago

I am happy that I can finish it

Xg3niisx 2 years ago

1st time joining Togo Challenge and I would say it was a breath-taking experience. Days and nights of pushing my lazy body and endorphin aftermath, end of the day everything pays off...I lost a whoppi... Read more

gavintan 2 years ago

It was a great experience riding this long distance!

chonghao 3 years ago

Hi can I get my fren help to collect the jersey on my behalf ?

Xris 2 years ago

Joining Togo517 makes me more disciplined in meeting goals n makes me going for better safety n more speed! Happy Cycling!... Read more

plchoy 3 years ago

It's was a good experience, cycling with my different riding kakis... and also sometimes alone... the sweat, rain and dirt... was worth it...... Read more

SunDownUnder 3 years ago

short challenge but not easy to fit in schedule

glsayson 1 year ago

This challenge definitely build up one's endurance, strengthens the mind and body. It allowed me to go beyond my breaking point. I will definitely join again next year. ... Read more

melhwc 3 years ago

My 1st challenge in my whole life lol.. better late than never.. thanks to Quadlock. If not for it, i wouldn't have realized my ability to cycle long distances. ???? Togo challenges are the best! ... Read more

Strato 3 years ago

Very tiring yet very amazing experience to get the elite finisher. Managed to finish it on time even sometimes weather is not so friendly.... Read more

eyaquino 3 years ago

wish I could have gone further than half. I believed I can do it. with a bit more discipline, it s doable. ... Read more

plchoy 2 years ago

what better way to celebrate 1 year of riding then achieving #togo1517.

bloodrex 3 years ago

A great motivational event to ride with family and friends!

jeanlee 3 years ago

This event made me fall in love with cycling again even though I did 99% of my rides just by myself. It's been an amazing experience! see you all in 1117 finish line!... Read more

roadbug 3 years ago

TOGI1117 had really pushed me beyond my limits. I am glad that I can complete the challenge.
Thank you.... Read more

Jaytks 2 years ago

Didn't think I could do it, but I did - albeit with sacrifices of other activities along the way. A shoutout to my awesome teammates of Team Speed Rocket, plus those who have accompanied me along my ... Read more

Eruaina 3 years ago

It was a fun and challenging experience and a good excuse to go out riding...

Han Swifter 3 years ago

My first bike challenge ever. Cool and addicted. Continue with 1117

Ss2111 2 years ago

Congrats to all who completed the Togo Challenge.

Adriansim1970 2 years ago

Finally managed to finish this event despite having a rather tight life schedule and with the encouragement of my team mates.... Read more

alana07 2 years ago

LokeCK 2 years ago

TOGO817 is the first challenge I joined out of curiosity. I wanted to know how far I can push my limit to complete it. The result actually surprised me. I managed to complete the challenge with my hea... Read more

foxroque 3 years ago

nice challenge, now im stronger already

heeleewen 3 years ago

Congratulations to my Team Speed Rocketeers & many awesome TOGO cyclists who joined in this 1117 journey ????. I was fortunate to cycle also in Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia this time, to do more... Read more

becstar 2 years ago

It's good to challenge your own limit. But too bad recently keep raining.

nicholas1984 2 years ago

Good motivation to get myself out to cycle

neretzek 3 years ago

Lessons to share: There are 2 lessons that I learnt:
1. Do it Once, Do it Right, Do it Well. I work for somebody. If I do my work well, my colleagues and bosses have no reason to bitch that I’... Read more

jamestan 2 years ago

Just do it.. no excuse

simpsons 3 years ago

TOGO1117 is much more intense than TOGO817, but with some determination and discipline, and good weather, finally able to complete the challenge. Thank you Togoparts for arranging the challenge and ev... Read more

foxroque 2 years ago

Discipline to meet the target, will try to go again !!!

steventankm 3 years ago

I got the opportunity to push myself a little more than I usually do and in the process discover new strengths! Thanks #togo517 can't wait for the next one to start... Read more

Preetimohan 3 years ago

This is the challenge that makes me cycling all the way..Love it!

jumianto 3 years ago

Awesome experience finishing within Top 10

noel hernandez 3 years ago

It was a good experience throughout. Chalking up the miles in the middle of the night because of fasting in the day was a great way to end the day. Till the next challenge...... Read more

Mohd Zailani Kasmuri 3 years ago

First time doing such a challenge. Really made me think hard about how to incorporate cycling into my schedule. Happy to have met the targets... ... Read more

pzhiwen 3 years ago

It take a very strong ???????? determination and commitment to sign up and completed ? the Togo517 Challange.

Now that Challange 517 is completed, nothing stands in the way of Challange 8... Read more

Mervincheang 3 years ago

great way to challenge and improve on cycling. looking forward to the next togo challenge!

unused1 3 years ago

Great riding! Would join more such events

hayashisc 3 years ago

it was great to take part in my 2nd TOGO Challenge and great that my wife Mandy signed up and completed her challenge too. #TOGO517 ... Read more

Doug61uk 3 years ago

Couldn’t reaching the target as elite

didigustaf 2 years ago

1st time in many years that my Total Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol is in healthy range which surprise me after joining Togo517 to mid-way of Togo817. Am so glad for such challenge that push me to ex... Read more

knightskid 3 years ago

While I did not manage to complete the elite finisher this time round, I managed to keep pace and finished the Well-Traveled again. Kudos to myself, and I will strive better in Togo Challenge 2018! Br... Read more

sgayanami 2 years ago

It was an enjoyable experience pushing myself further to meet the challenge's objectives while at the same time having some fun along the way.... Read more

henrylim21 3 years ago

Must try...make me more strong...

Trevos kwan 3 years ago

In TogoX challenge series
We are not racing against each other
We are pulling the pack to ride further
To be fitter and stronger
1 down 2 TOGO!!!
Keep rolling!!!
#s... Read more

bakashi 3 years ago

I am glad to be able to complete the Elite category for this challenge.

Hieraglyph 2 years ago

More to come in the next challenges.

suhaimi6495 3 years ago

Excellent motivation to ride off and clock mileage (:

arthur95chionh 3 years ago

It was a meaningful and rewarding experience participating in the event with my wife. We got to know a few like-minded riders as well. ... Read more

tanchink 3 years ago

Great experience ! Looking foward for the next challenge!

avinlee 2 years ago

Wonderful experience. Make me wanna ride every day. Exploring Singapore in a different way. Doing elite finisher, time management is the hardest part for me. planning time n commit it. takes disciplin... Read more

Ryan Yang 3 years ago

Yes, I made it, and it was an amazing challenge to complete

kresnawan 3 years ago

Glad to keep this Togo1117 under wraps 1 week earlier. The constant raining worries are unfounded. PTL for injury free and safe rides, amidst overseas vacations... Read more

tumtham 2 years ago

having alot of fun cycling with community

jason_lai5 3 years ago

cant wait for next year

shatteredeye 3 years ago

It was fun! Will join again in future challenges.

harlanddc 3 years ago

Togo 1117, I have enjoyed cycling with my cycling buddies, cycling friends, Togo cyclists and Team Speed Rocket buddies during this challenge.
We always encourage each other to keep on pedalin... Read more

uncletamiya 2 years ago

Great way to motivate me to clock the mileage that I always wanted to ;)

Marktan1 3 years ago

817 is my 3 Togo event. This time I build a team in the challenge. We ride hard and have a lot of fun. Is fun with the team doing team challenge. Hopefully see all in Togo 1117.... Read more

garyong72 3 years ago

Togo817 was challenging but very doable. I usually ride during weekends, but when it rained during my cycling time, I had to make up for it during the weekday. Upon completing the challenge, I found t... Read more

acsimon 3 years ago

First time joining this after picking up cycling since mid year. Was challenging for me as my strava failed on me for couple of rides causing me to ride more. A personal achievement to clear 517km wi... Read more

gracie11 3 years ago

Good experience and great way to stay connected with friends

Xieshen 2 years ago

An awesome challenge which motivate you to cycle more. This time round the challenge is of different format that provide a more challenging timeline to complete each challenge and to go for Elite. <... Read more

EdmundChew 3 years ago

This is a tough and tiring challenge indeed....

alana07 3 years ago

Kudos to all cyclists who had achieved their goals! I am happy to make new friends who share the same interests in cycling. Till we all meet on the road.... Ride safe. ... Read more

Adriansim1970 3 years ago

Fun riding with my group riders.

E 3 years ago

Loved loved loved this challenge!!

Preetimohan 3 years ago

Kudos to my team and the rest who ride hard for their ownself challenge . Is great to see the cycling community engaged in this challenge . Well done everyone . See you next challenge ... Read more

ivan9888 3 years ago

My 2nd time taking part TOGOPARTS challenge. This is a memorable ride for me compared to my first TOGO810 challenge where I signed up as individual. This time round I formed team with road bike, cyclo... Read more

Wheeler_Roy 2 years ago

817 seem like lot of dishonest rides.... so sad

IMEL.26 3 years ago

This challenge motivate me to stay healthy by consistantly cycling 20 km per day. Looking forward for the next challenge next year.... Read more

floydfloat 2 years ago

Very hardworking folks to make sure everything is seamless and smooth. Well sonw.

Ryder88 3 years ago

Kicking myself a little as I didn't manage to finish the elite distance (too many other stuff demanding my attention/time/energy), but this is like the 1st ever TOGO challenge I completed, so all's go... Read more

Eruaina 3 years ago

It is my first challenge ever with TOGO and need to be completed 517km within weeks. Throughout the weeks it was been very tough as been sick on and off yet still have to finish the challenge. It does... Read more

minyooncheah 3 years ago

TOGO events are still a good way to add motivation to go out cycling

marcelmuliawan 2 years ago

Personal Challenge to see how Far I can go

Wilson Hoe 3 years ago

My first cycling challenge. An awesome experience! Looking forward to the next one.

maverick08 3 years ago

Despite being my first Togo challenge, I'm glad I kept it up and finished the Elite 2517 at 31st place, especially considering that I finished the 1117 only at 116th place. I guess the main lesson is ... Read more

sunnylusun 2 years ago

tough to complete. glad to complete

MarcKoh 2 years ago

It was my first togo ...nv think I m able to finish it n yet I did it in 2wks for 817km..i m so proud of myself ... Read more

Irenepeipei 3 years ago

Was fun riding with the groups. Excited to do 1117km

Ryan Yang 3 years ago

Really awesome experience! Looking forward to #817.

Jpanimeotaku 3 years ago

Togo517 was a lot of fun! :)

shyamsundar2007 3 years ago

Finally made Elite! It's been a long time coming. I wouldn't have made it if not for the people I've met along the way. Thanks to TOGO for organizing this event.... Read more

Greybach 3 years ago

Definitely one of the best cycling experiences this year. I'm glad there are more upcoming challenges very soon! Ride hard or go home.. Cheers!... Read more

shatteredeye 3 years ago

Done something good for myself this year! Thankful to Togoparts and the team behind it for coming up with this challenge and the beautiful jersey design which was a really good motivation to reach the... Read more

abelicious 2 years ago

It's my first TOGO challenge, and I am really happy to have completed it. This challenge gave me the motivation to cycle more frequently, longer distances, and under hot weather which I would otherwis... Read more

tarepanda 2 years ago

My First riding competition participation and the experience was wonderful, i cant express in words i just love it.... Read more

NiteshJillundra 3 years ago

Great ride with all my group and team

E 2 years ago

Another Challenge that makes me force myself to complete. Lol

RaymondChoy 3 years ago

Nice challenges. Good rides. Good and bad memories.

anjosh22 3 years ago

Another achievement unlocked.
Challenging during the raining season.

RaymondChoy 2 years ago

thankful to finish given i was overseas for 3 weeks!

macpork 3 years ago

2nd part of the year challenge, failed to pursue elite due to work trips (xero excuse) time to hit back the saddle for 2517! keep rollin ... Read more

limz 3 years ago

Gotten lazy after achieving 517km.

landwhalez 3 years ago

Thank you for the challenge

thibaultw 3 years ago

Great initiative that encourages cyclists to ride more!

Louis_Soon 3 years ago

An awesome Elite jersey. Love it to the max. Great to be in the challenge as it got me training hard and ready for long rides.... Read more

Timmyz37 3 years ago

#Togo517 is a personal challenge to myself

fossils1234 3 years ago

Been a pleasure to ride with good cycling friends throughout the event. Will do it again in the near future.... Read more

Louisville 3 years ago

Great way to go places

poxpogee 3 years ago

Fantastic experience! But unlike #togo1050 where I achieved elite distance, this time I was stuck with work commitments and was able to do 817 km. Thank you.... Read more

Dommon 3 years ago

Just collected my finisher jersey from the collection point today and still felt a quiet sense of achievement having completed the challenge. Thanks to the organiser for a well plan day and looking fo... Read more

henrylim21 3 years ago

thanks togo817 have a great experience and good memories

kybike 3 years ago

It helped me to kickstart my cycling journey again, giving me the motivation to go on rides to complete the distance. Over the challenge period, the rides took me to different places and helped me to ... Read more

Kurodin 2 years ago

#TOGO517. This cycling challenge for the past 37 days has not really been a smooth one for me...with a few minor mishaps and coming into a collision, which hit my head on the ground. And thank God the... Read more

Divalicious 3 years ago

First challenge done... two more to go...

Takashirei 3 years ago

It was a wonderful experience, to fulfill that distance and earned the Finisher's T

dardaiz 3 years ago

Awesome awesome awesome awesome ride

Patporsh 3 years ago

This was my first TOGO challenge after moving from Melbourne to Singapore. After building up capacity and strength in the humid conditions, I decided to compete. Had an absolute ball meeting so many a... Read more

becstar 3 years ago

Thank u - Bo liao

akw000089 2 years ago

Greatl experience and excellent event.

skyccy 3 years ago

my 1st experience to complete >517km within a week before fasting month and limited available time on weekday.. feeling great! can't wait for the next 817 challenge... Read more

mobilderek 3 years ago


DHANASEKARAN 3 years ago

My team Spin Doctors and I have enjoyed this Togo817 event very much and pushed ourselves to new height. Our competitors are ourselves and we cycled with dignity and integrity. We encountered a few ch... Read more

jsckoo2016 3 years ago

Nice and Nice and Nice and Nice

ijameskoh 3 years ago

LokeCK 3 years ago

Pls refer to my husband's testimoinal. his ID is " antiloop "

Yasinfa 2 years ago

Another successful event by togoparts

AVENTUS 3 years ago

I've never cycled so much in my whole life! And I'm Glad I participated in #Togo517. Completed it. Thank you Togopart for Organising such events and I will participate for the Togo817!... Read more

Elio 3 years ago

Motivated by kilometres and calories > <

orangejulz 3 years ago

It was a great fun experience. Thanks for organising!

LT 3 years ago

This challenge urged me to get out more to ride, and even do multiple-day bike packing. Fabulous experience.... Read more

sultan_penang82 3 years ago

Now I felt challenge on every cycling like every day is a competition day

zulfakar 3 years ago

Now I can say, been there, done that!

You will not run out of challenges in #TOGOX events. You can aim for those Individual and Team Achievements or set your personal goals and work to be... Read more

Aljhunbel 3 years ago

Accident ont the first day and last day of my ride with lots of hiccups in both work and family but hey I pulled through. This is not just a challenge of strength but endurance of both mind and body! ... Read more

Kim Wong 3 years ago

Its an experience to complete the challenge. Most of all, it's just another reason to ride.

tariq alsagoff 3 years ago

Sad to go down to turf club today empty handed just because I did not RSVP my jersey. I had tried many times with the link you sent me but fail to log in ... ... Read more

taychorkwang 3 years ago

Had ample time to finish togo517. But eagerness to complete gives me something to accomplish and look forward to with each ride.Overall am pleased with the challenge.... Read more

teoshin 3 years ago

1/2 through the challenge I had a crash and my bike frame broke. Thankfully I suffer minor external injuries. Change a new frame to complete this challenge.

I was lucky to complete the to... Read more

JX Goh 2 years ago

#togo517 an amazing and rewarding challenge!

riderwee 3 years ago

Challenging myself to commit on the goal, be healthy, be happy!

limz 3 years ago

First participation in cycling challenge , pushes me to keep rolling =)

JojoCoco 2 years ago

It a fun and nice ride. Can meet up with some rider to ride together.

E 3 years ago

congratulations to all athletes.

triton 2 years ago

Greatl experience and excellent support from the admin team

bbryantza 3 years ago

posting here allows me to download certificate?

triton 3 years ago

Overall a great experience!!!

slayerlee 3 years ago

Grueling, but I had so much fun!

Mervincheang 3 years ago

Riding With Kakis of different type of bike, all along the seletar homeground then also ride to TMCR many times. Eddy Merckx EMX-1 (Shiro) have been a trust ride thoughtout the togoX challenge. Not fo... Read more

chiatming 2 years ago

517 was ok...

IMEL.26 3 years ago

It was awesome experience and thanks a lot to my great team GOWES SGID. Keren pisan !!!

Heri Heryanto 2 years ago

Great experience and I love cycling!

pambltrn 2 years ago

Glad to be part of the challenge again. Though the time was shorter this year round. Still managed to complete the challenge before I head off for my holiday. Looking forward to the 817 challenge.... Read more

dave_1974 3 years ago

Train more well on endurance n speed =p

TMJ 3 years ago

Brings cyclists closer together. Made many new friends and settled into new exercise routine. Rode into Malaysia. Rode at dawn. Rode at night. Rode in the rain. Rode in the hot sun. Rode alone. Rode w... Read more

fhhog 3 years ago

Keep up the good work

Kurenai_19 3 years ago

I think I love it!

wongkokchieat 2 years ago

it give me motivation to keep moving to clock my milages

kevinznet 3 years ago

The final part of the three challenges which make cycling interesting

limz 2 years ago

My team(Road Warriors)are the strongest team in TogoX challenge, we take down 11 challenge out of 15. Now is the time to give other a chance to feel what is winning. Remember team work is always the s... Read more

garyong72 2 years ago

Is a good challenge to get my butts off the sofa. ;)

flamechionh88 3 years ago

Is a good challenge for myself.

flamechionh88 2 years ago

Grateful for the TOGOHALF challenge that once again gave me good reason to get on the saddle and just be out there, going places! Would definitely go for the TOGO1117 in future!... Read more

Kurodin 2 years ago

1st time in many years that my Total Cholesterol and Bad Cholesterol is in healthy range which surprise me after joining Togo517 to mid-way of Togo817. Am so glad for such challenge that push me to ex... Read more

knightskid 3 years ago

Its the 2nd event for me for the year and looking forward for the 3rd and final to complete the season... Read more

amadocastro 3 years ago

Great ride! Gruelling race against time!

suhaimi6495 3 years ago

Fantastic way to push myself to ride more. Togo challenge is becoming one of my favourite yearly event. ... Read more

seowkeong 3 years ago

Hope to be able to get Elite for the next challenge. Congrats to all finishers!

Kurenai_19 2 years ago

It was an awesome beginning to a series of challenges I would love to pursue..

hellrokr 3 years ago

Two down! The groups helped a lot, off and on rides. I made it into Elite earlier than I expected which was nice. I participated in a team effort for the achievements and made even more new friends! A... Read more

Greybach 3 years ago

Good experience and motivate me to keep on pedaling

ronex 3 years ago

Thanks God for HIS blessing on all of us who cycled safely in this event. I have personally enjoyed the challenge and had a very good Tour de Bintan trip with Spin Doctors team + Mobike challenge in ... Read more

jsckoo2016 2 years ago

As we conclude the #togo1117 Final Challenge of this season
Kudos and Thanks to all whom I have crossed path with
Was a wonderful journey

My thoughts on the recen... Read more

bakashi 2 years ago

1st experience of Togo challenge

didigustaf 3 years ago

It was my first time to join togoparts event, great experience and have fun in this event. Looking forward to next challange! ... Read more

JunTheDaywalker 2 years ago

It was overall a great #TOGO1117 experience, albeit the immature ruckus from a bunch of road barbarians.

Grateful for all the LIKES, encouragements, guidance received, and new found frien... Read more

mountainbear 2 years ago

Good learning experience for me and be better prepared. Very closed to being a finisher, but over-strained my knee. Next #TOGO817 challenge accepted!... Read more

mountainbear 3 years ago

I don't believe I could achieve that far. I used to cycle 100km per week and never thought that I could achieve 512km. Worst, I even forgot to save my data of 100km on the first day of Togo. I was ab... Read more

simsl77 3 years ago

Great event. Will register again

richieboy 3 years ago

Excellent way to challenge oneself and achieve the satisfaction of completion!! Thanks to all the Kudos from unknown members which encouraged me to move ahead,,... Read more

arravee 3 years ago

Good Ride and Happy to make new friends along the way!

Adriansim1970 2 years ago

awesome with all ride !!

Blood 3 years ago

Good experience. Helped motivate me to ride as much as possible for commuting and this will help contribute to greener lifestyle. ... Read more

Marktan1 3 years ago


SunnY Teo 2 years ago

I had always enjoyed cycling but was always too lazy to do it regularly.
#Togo517 helped me to cycle regularly.
Thanks you.... Read more

Jaytks 3 years ago

It was an challenging experience. Thank to Togo in organising this event.

bloxhomester 3 years ago

Great warm up challenge to prepare for the next 2 challenges!
Good job to those who completed and to those who achieved Elite!... Read more

soyammmilk 3 years ago

Can't wait for Togo 2018 Series!!!

hanez02 2 years ago

Thought i couldn't make it but thanks to the spurring on by fellow cyclists and other Togoparts 1117km participants, i did it! Looking forward to the challenges in 2018.... Read more

Pabloiceman 2 years ago

Nice challenge! Keep up the good work!!

Kurenai_19 3 years ago

It was definitely a challenge for me. Even though I have no problems cycling big distances as I am quite used to it while training for ironman events, to cycle for the sake of completing a challenge i... Read more

Sufian Ahmad 2 years ago

Was the 1st Attempt on the Challenge, met many new riders and found a lot more kakis around my area. Has been a pleasure to join this ride and Made new friends. Congrats to those that gotten elite. To... Read more

LSW 3 years ago

I'm so pleased of this achievement! Looking forward to togo817!

ChrisMurillon 3 years ago

1st challenge on cycling. Need to keep on training for upcoming 817 & 1117 !

avinlee 3 years ago

Fiuuuh, finally finished as elite finisher. Very long journey, too bad not sustainable after the event, I am so lazy to do anything at all. Hahahaha.... Read more

chikiball 2 years ago

It was a good warm-up for #Togo817.

noel.tan 3 years ago

This Has Helped Me To Keep Cycling To Stay Healthy.
Gonna Work Harder In #TOGO1117.

Jaytks 3 years ago

I had a very good time finishing up this challenge with my partner. Even though I did not make it to the elite distance like I did at togo817, it is still a great accomplishment! Kudos to togo for co... Read more

roadbug 2 years ago

Well done team we did it again kudos . To all those that completed the self challenge . Cycling is to bring people together not trolling other ... Read more

ivan9888 2 years ago

Very challenging! It pushed me to my limit.

Lomar 3 years ago

It was a totally enjoyable and fulfilling experience with this challenge. Learnt many new stuff through this and I look forward to more of such events! ... Read more

peterteo 3 years ago

finally i finish togo1117?very happy n thanks all

kybike 2 years ago

Thanks to Togoparts for organising this event. I really enjoyed it!

ruckus.lilypad 3 years ago

Wonder way to motivate and drive the need to get out of bed and clock some distance on the bike.

de1997de 3 years ago

Another great challenge, my third challenge joined and third elite. Now enjoying the last one for this year!... Read more

MARIOR 3 years ago

motivate me to keep pedaling and meet new friends

ronex 2 years ago

I've never thought I would be able to achieve 817km, not to mention 2017km, given my slacker attitude in the past. I would like to thank my team mates from CCK cyclists who pushed me physically and me... Read more

Betty_Ahboo 3 years ago

Long overdue experience sharing but overall the entire journey is unforgettable

flamechionh88 2 years ago

As always, AWESOMELY CHALLENGING!!! ????????????????????????

ivanshopper 3 years ago

Ride was alright though Strava is acting stupid through ride... time to get a GPS.

Jpanimeotaku 2 years ago

Fun way to push yourself!

nazzyboy 3 years ago

Amazing and challenging competition.

NiteshJillundra 2 years ago

awesome !! never rode so much in such a short time
targeting top 10 next

fastfrag1981 3 years ago

It was a great experience as this is my first time joining. A good way to motivate me to exercise more and keep fit all the time.... Read more

AVENTUS 3 years ago

My wife and I recently picked up Cycling back in April this year, on a Polygon Tandem. We cycled recreationally at first and decided to put some serious effort into it. We got a Cannondale Tandem and ... Read more

antiloop 2 years ago

Thanks for organizing this Event!

krzbanas 3 years ago

Good experience, good motivation to cycle more!

Ayamman 3 years ago

No goodie bag. Cannot buy Finisher jersey. Why?

So disappointed. No more Togo for me next year.

EdmundChew 3 years ago

Great to be back for this year's challenge!
Kudos to the organisers for making it happen!
Kudos to all who completed the challenge and double kudos to the Elites! ... Read more

E-GOer 3 years ago

Organisers did a very good job in togo517, adding in a few more categories of achievement adds on to the fun too! Hope the committee hears our feedback and togo817 will even be better! ... Read more

jennyng 3 years ago

A solid experience. Motivates participants to ride more than usual!

Zap21 3 years ago

TOGO817 challenge came in the right time when I was trying to lose my excess weight. It helped me in eventually becoming successful in my endeavors. Not only did it help me to have a discipline in my ... Read more

hellrokr 3 years ago

Thanks a lot for adding us to your family of cycling. That was fantastic doing the same in your website. ... Read more

Prasad_S 3 years ago

mind set will change with any event you take part.

SunnY Teo 3 years ago

This is the 2nd time I have joined a Togo Challenge and have motivated and pushed me in my daily riding habit. Although I am way out here in Ph (probably the only one doing the togo517) I feel just as... Read more

amadocastro 3 years ago

A great test of will power and sheer determination

Alfa1972 3 years ago

Pushing the limits? This is probably only the minimal... contemplating to longer distance challenge... 517 is still highly recommended for newbie!... Read more

petra74 3 years ago

While solo rides are great, my best times on the bike often involve group rides with friends. Thanks to #TOGO817. So glad I signed up. Plus cycling is great for networking in ways that few other sport... Read more

Divalicious 3 years ago

My 1st time to join TOGO817! Glad that I am able to finish 817 as I was not in town for 2 weeks

KennieTiong 3 years ago

Enjoyed it totally and hope to join the next challenge!

Shirley Jong 2 years ago

First time taking part in this event, and i am glad that i am able to be a finisher, will be an elite next time ... Read more

Yong Kang 2 years ago

Well don't bother about this TogoSHIT anymore... Next Togo I not keen to join anymore.. I rather have time host for long distance ride oversea or plan for Bintan or Batam trip..

This Togo... Read more

geoffery.ho 2 years ago

great challenge, have fun riding with cyclist

alchemistoro 3 years ago

First time, good experience with Togo817!

Shinjifei18 3 years ago

Togo1117, here we go again :)

ronnielew 3 years ago

It was an awesome experience to be a part of the challenge to test how far you can ride~ Definitely will join upcoming challenges~... Read more

nicholas1984 3 years ago

good training and good for team work build

mobilderek 3 years ago

Nice Virtual Challenge. This challenge has stretched my capacity and push myself to the limits! Kudos #TOGO517... Read more

inislpoh 3 years ago

The shortest challenge turned out to be the toughest esp if you couldn't cycle for 2 weeks.

jekslee 3 years ago

One of the toughest challenge I have been through so far
Injuries, mechanical issues, technological issues, just name it...
Never give up, never give in to pressure
Challenge oneself... Read more

bakashi 3 years ago

Really have to be discipline or you will just end up rushing nearer to the due date and regret it.

ChaoyiTeoh 3 years ago

It's a challenging ride, surely will join togo1117~

nicholas1984 3 years ago

1/2 through the challenge I had a crash and my bike frame broke. Thankfully I suffer minor external injuries. Change a new frame to complete this challenge.

I was lucky to complete the to... Read more

JX Goh 2 years ago

Wow. this is long due. Anyways, challenges always make you want to do your best.

mal_ali 1 year ago

This was a wonderful experience. It helped me push myself to ride consistently. This was the first time I rode the distance I did and I will always remember this as an event that helped me discover my... Read more

vidyac 3 years ago

Thanks for organizing this event, it's always fun to challenge yourself pushing your limits to the next level. Looking forward to another fun ride at TOGO817. ... Read more

Kim Wong 3 years ago

Great experience to challenge oneself

hosni13 3 years ago

Couldn't believe I've reached the elite level. It was not easy but I learned to love my bike more. Ride safe everyone! Cheers!... Read more

Strato 3 years ago

I didn't expect I could finish such challenge but I'm glad I did! :)

anjelahganda 3 years ago

totally upset with the whole running of this challenge, those who caught cheating was not disqualify and even have a chance to proceed. Seem like you just need to get into the good book and you will b... Read more

IMEL.26 2 years ago

Ended up doing 530km in 3 weeks instead of 5. Great way to motivate myself to go out and ride plus, awesome quad lock freebie!... Read more

rohz 3 years ago

Wonderful experience with great team bonding. Thanks for organising and a great shout out to the Togo team for a job well done!... Read more

Roy Yong 2 years ago

This was my first togo challenge and my experience was just amazing. I would like to thank togo team for this platform. I want to participate in every single challenge and looking forward to events . ... Read more

Jimmysingapore 2 years ago

Great experience and Nice to chase the Challenge!

salams 3 years ago

Motivation to pedal hard! Great experience

rychiz13 3 years ago

The sense of self achievement is far greater when you see your team work hard and achieve the goals together. Despite, the heat from the sun, thunderstorms n heavy rains, lack of sleep, injuries, butt... Read more

PinaPN 2 years ago

This Challenge made push myself way way more than I expected. It is good though because I think it developed and significantly increased my cycling endurance. I hope I could keep up my momentum in the... Read more

Lomar 3 years ago

It is a mix feeling where I am a bit exhausted after work and still need to ride on weekday so i can still be on track to finish this 517 km. But at last I can finish it. TOGO challenge is the only mo... Read more

grator 3 years ago

This is my first ever cycling event, so I'm very happy to finish at 5th position.
It is especially sweet since I rode with much more challenge as I rode a very basic mountain bike with no disc ... Read more

blrvenkat 3 years ago

cant wait for the next challenge! keep em coming ????

shatteredeye 2 years ago

It was a great challenge to me. See you at #TOGO817

paqer17 3 years ago

this is my first time join #TOGO517?very good experience and enjoy my ride ! Thanks

kybike 3 years ago

It always feels good to complete the challenge

Iseleelh 3 years ago

Completed! Started well and completed early. Unexpected events stalled bulk of the period towards Elite attempts, however I'm satisfied and relieved that everything including this #TOGO817 finisher ta... Read more

mountainbear 3 years ago

It encouraged me to cycle more and more! Will join again in future challenges.

harlanddc 3 years ago

I really enjoyed this event. Although shorter than TOGO1080 (which was the first event I participated), I still rejoiced in accomplishing TOGO817. I finished it just in time, too! :P

Can... Read more

FASTBLADER 3 years ago

nice quality event jersey.

Weiyap.tan79@gmail.com 3 years ago

It was an awesome experience riding and completing the Togo517 challenge. Look forward to joining more of such motivating challenges.... Read more

Sandeebee 3 years ago

1/2 through the challenge I had a crash and my bike frame broke. Thankfully I suffer minor external injuries. Change a new frame to complete this challenge.

I was lucky to complete the to... Read more

JX Goh 2 years ago

Awesome ride under the sun!

Prongz 3 years ago

Awesome event that motivates me to push beyond the limits

srady 3 years ago

Well done !!! my team ( GOWES-SG-ID ) make it big, congratulation to all team members, continue breaking our own record ...... Read more

kresnawan 2 years ago

Hope there will be women's jersey next year.

Lhsia 3 years ago

EXCELLENT !! Great challenge!! RIDE SAFE! :)

winstonlimjy 3 years ago

rode through illness and injury. hope the next will be smoother. glad to complete.

MarcKoh 3 years ago