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Raleigh Professional Mark V ( 1976 - 1981 ) Chat

Date Setup: 1st Mar 2016
Price Bought: SGD 900
With Owner? Yes
Bought this frame only from a guy whom his father had it for many year. They did not restore the frame hence selling to me at a good price. At the moment under restoration and will add in photo after it has been restored.
bike are build in the Jan 1979 number 61 frame at Nottingham Workshop.
Having a Brev. Campy fork end and drop out, and semi-wraparound seat stays with oversized caps.
Build from Reynold 531 and are a great collection bike. Original colour are red with SR extra super light Royal Crank, 'Strong' seat post and unknown stem with front cutout. BB engraved with slot cutting, Hand Profiled Haden Lightweight Lugs with Window Cut Outs ( heart Sharpe )

Guess i gonna add it to my permanent collection list too.

The Stem i found to be of a Royal SR stem, had build it up and it is a very smooth ride, size a bit big but i am used to riding 1 size bigger then my standard. Build with Dura Ace TT bar end shifter and able to run from 5 to 10 speed cassette depending on my shifter setup ( index or friction ). Currently had done few hundred kilo meters already and hope to add more distance to it.
Weight a bit around 10 kg as all my parts are not source for the lightest.