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Ganna Italian Cruiser Delux Chat

Date Setup: 13th Apr 1987
Weight: 13 Kg ( 28.6 Pounds )
Price Bought: SGD 100
With Owner? No
An italian mountain bike that I happen to bought during my stay in Italy at a price of 60 Euros. Rides super smooth with out any sound at all even with it's age, build around the late 1980's . Early lug less steel frame with 7 x3 speed Shimano and Biopace crank. A bit heavy as all the setup are of steel but the paint work are extremely well preserve. Previous owner bought it and ride for a year and was store away until i bought it from him. This great bike was sold to my friend after i leave Italy Brixen and i hope if i have the chance to go there again i might buy back from my friend if he wanna sell it.