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Shimano Vintage 1970's Chat

Date Setup: 1st Dec 1980
Weight: 11 Kg ( 24.2 Pounds )
With Owner? Yes
My old bicycle which i have since 1980 when i started to ride to school due to my family were quite poor at the time. My mum bought me at a price of 50 dollar from a previous owner and i had being riding it until now.
Bike initially having Suntour SR setup bike my friend damaged my RD during 1983 thus was replaced with Shimano SIS RD. A great bike to remember of during my school days and the fun ride i had on it.
Bike is under refurbishing and will soon ride again.
Crankset will either be using the FSA CRD square taper or the Biopace crank with VP SPD vintage pedal.