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Colnago Sport Vintage bike Chat

Date Setup: 13th Oct 2015
Weight: 9 Kg ( 19.8 Pounds )
With Owner? Yes
Bought thinking this is not the real Colnago at a considerable good price, turn out this bike is Colnago sport, the lower end of the Colnago family, came with 105 down tube shifter, headset, crankset, brake level, Exage brake sets, Shimano 600 seat post, Rear derailer, Nitto Dynamic stem, and Alesa 27 inch rim 7 speed rim.
Bike had being upgraded to 10 speed using the old group set and works superbly great.
I currently retain all the original item on it except the wheel set which i upgrade to Fulcrum racing 7 already.
Still riding it round the island once or twice a month. Bike able to run very fast and smooth and are a great bike.
The paint on it are very old and start to peel of but i will not repaint it as wanna retain it's vintage look.