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Date Setup: 16th Sep 2015
Weight: 13.33 Kg ( 29.326 Pounds )
With Owner? Yes
This bike is basically my workhorse and daily commuter to and from work (12km per day)
it is a very reliable bike and has pretty much no problems or tuning issues since it is a coaster brake and one gear only (low 60's gear inches to be easy on my knees). i've upgraded this with ergons and brooks for daily riding and added the tern trolley rack so I can drag it around. it's the most reliable go to bike I have and ride all day in this. It has over 6000km+ on it so far riding day in and day out from work for the past 3 years.

It is as heavy as my MTB because of all the addons I have put on it to make it a comfortable ride for work.

Longest distance I have done on this bike in one day:
a www.strava.com link