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Proflex 756 1996, Giant XTC Team 2004, Merlin Work MR3/2.5 2006, Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 120 2006, Numero Uno Year Unknown Chat

Date Setup: 17th Sep 2002
Weight: 65 Kg ( 143 Pounds )
With Owner? Yes

Don't know, buy new parts when they wear out or spoilt lor..

Don't look down on my Numero Uno ok! It cost $45 and took me to places. 5 yrs, More than 12000km later, still can ride! Only need new brake and new Tire and New Wheel and New saddle and new peddle.

My Proflex 756 huh...hmm..12 yrs old leow...chainstay crack..rear shock snap trice leow, the agent very happy I think, help them clear their Garvin then afterward, Norleen shock...now norleen nr2 shock..last time elastomer kind...come out of shop already melt..stupid shop cheat me, a noob!

Giant XTC Team...wah lau...this bike...use it to go market..so very hard..ride until whole body ache...take fun out of cycling..

Merlin Mr 3/2.5 Cost lot of $$$ so cannot say no good.  What to say...good ride quality lor...flex like nobody business when push hard. Can ride long long also no pain pain..

Stumpy FSR...just buy...have not ride yet...only show off in the neighbourhood lor.