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Trek XO1 2000 Chat

Date Setup: 1st Jun 2008
With Owner? Yes

gold colour Trek X01 CX bike, 1999/2000 vintage, bought new old stock end of 2002.

Shimano RSX/RX100 2x8


changed tires to Conti Ultra Gatorskin (700x25c)
changed Saddle to Koobi PRS (red/black/white)
changed pedals to Cankbros Candy SL (grey) 
brakepads to Koolstop dual compound 

Cyclocomp: originally Astrale 8, later upgraded to Trek incite 8i

Most recent (May 2008):

swap entire drivetrain. new: Shimano 105: brifters, bottom bracket, cranks, 3x chainring, 10x cassette, chain, fd, rd, cables.
renew handlebartape