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Polygon xtrada 7 Msize 29wheel

posted 1 year ago

Bougth 03 OCT 2021 Like new condition Reason need to upgrade full suspension Welcome trade and ask thank anyone…

Bike Weight

13 Kgs

Bike Price (SGD)

1050 SGD

Setup Date

22nd Nov 2021

Bike present with owner


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Partner into the wild.

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The Bike Has Won Multiple Races of ourse with me but yeah it has alot of history..

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Tyres and color

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1st bike in 30yrs

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Pls contact 84828269 Erick for more details. Price is open for nego but no low balling.

85% is mod, only f... Read more

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Selling my bike due to space. Some rustbon the bike. If u can make over the bike is good

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Jump on the Kona and it's easy to ride, zipping about with a really lively feel.

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Road bike bike. Works like a MTB. Fast like road bike. Cycle it like a MTB

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I love the black and yellow on this bike. It looks huge and bulky but it super easy to ride.

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80% parts & accessories were donated. 4 months in the making (completed March 6, 2022).

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Marin Bob Cat

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MTB for when not using the gravel

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Mawar Bodas - MTB 1.0

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First ever purchase, currently upgraded from 7 speeds to 9 speeds with 11-34T

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Xtrada 5.0 - GIAA

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Accidental purchase, low cost medium spec, upgraded to 11-42T enough for climb

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First Mate

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Being my first and only mate since 1997. When through ups and downs, with battle scars from accident (being dr... Read more

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She is a mail order bride from Germany. Medium build with 140mm up front and a nice hard tail.

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Got a GT frame at wonderful price on Carousell and built this beauty up. Managed to grab a 11x1 partial SLX gr... Read more


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