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Updated 9th Jun 2020. Created 9th Jun 2020
Bought and received from MV on 1st June 2020. Changed to carbon 600mm bar and Vertu saddle on stock seat post.
Updated 13th May 2020. Created 26th Apr 2020
Latest: 12/5/2020, received minimods 3-speed mod 11/14/17 and converted Blue Bastard to v3.0 with 3-speeds.

Brompton S6R converted to M6R with titanium nuts and bolts and to a M bar by Bike 48 in September 2015. Recently converted to M2R running on a 5...
Updated 26th Apr 2020. Created 15th Nov 2019
Update: Moulton retired the AM9 rims of 6 years. Now on AM3 since 25th April 2020.

90% on the Custom Gold and Black Moulton TSR9(5 years old) and 10% on the new single speed CarryMe(2days old on 15th Nov 2019)

Update: changed Moulton Rims to Kitt De...
Updated 26th Apr 2020. Created 26th Apr 2020
Brompton 2-speed converted to an external 3-speed 56,12/15/19 setup
Updated 5th Jan 2020. Created 5th Jan 2020
Brompton for all other rides. The Blue Bastard serves and complements the car transport system when need to ride away from home