Administrative Questions

Q: I have paid for the Challenge, how will I know if my registration is successful?

A: You should get the email notification almost immediately to join the by-invitation only Togo810 Strava Club. If you are sure your payment went thru, please contact us at for us to check.

Q: I missed the 29th Jan 2016 Registration Date. Can I still join?

A: Yes, you can. However, you will need to ride more with the remaining time left. If you are aiming to be the Top 50 riders who clocks the most distance, start early! We will only recognise the rides from the time you sign up. Extended registration ends on 19 Feb 2016.

Q: I live outside of Singapore, can I sign up?

A: Yes, you can. There are no borders for Togo810.

Q: How do I get my Finisher Jersey then?

A: If you are not residing in Singapore, we will ship it to you via Fedex. After you have successfully completed the Challenge, our team will email you to confirm and pay for the shipping cost.

Q: Can I request for a refund?

A: There is no refund once a participant signs up. In the event where the participant is unable to complete the challenge due to unforeseen circumstances, no refund will be made.

Event Questions:

Q: How can I be sure I'm logging my distance for Togo810?

A: As long as you are a member of the "Togo810" club in Strava, you are in the challenge. You will receive an email invitation or successful notification when you sign up as well. For participants whom already registered and have yet to joined the Togo810 club, kindly contact us, as we will require you to join the club to track the distance.

Q: When do I have to complete the 810km ride?

A: You can ride any day and time from 29th Jan 2016 0000hrs to 27th March 2016 2359hrs. We will only recognise and compute the distance for the ride if the start time is after 29 Jan 16, 0000hrs. Similarly, we will recognise distance for the ride if the end time of the ride is before 28 Mar 16 0000hrs.

Q: Can I do indoor rides on a trainer or stationary bike and log that ride?

A: No, you can only ride outside, and log your ride with the Strava app or a GPS-device such as a Garmin and sync it to Strava. We will not recognise indoor riding. Bikes such as elliptigos and recumbents are allowed.

Q: Can I log / ride multiple times to add up to 810kilometers?

A: Yes. Even to the market/work/bikeshop and back. Just remember to log your rides with the Strava app, or upload them to Strava if you are using another device for recording your rides. Just make sure they are Strava-compatible!

Q: Where can I check my progress against other participants?

A: You can check the Togo810 cyclists Leaderboard that will be online after the 29th Jan 2016. Leaderboard in Strava serves as a means for logging your rides, we will not be basing on the distance shown in the Strava leaderboard as some of you do log rides before the start of the challenge. Rides prior to signup, but within the challenge period will not be recognised.

Q: My ride does not show up on the Togo810 leaderboard.

A: The leaderboard refreshes every 10 min, please wait for your rides to be updated. If any irregularities occur, please contact us.

Strava App Questions:

Q: I use Garmin Connect / Movescount to track my rides. How do I link them to Strava?

A: You can log into your Strava account and click on this link: Alternatively, you can check this out:

Q: Is it necessary to use the Strava iphone/android app to record my rides if i have another device such as a Garmin that I normally use?

A: No, you can continue to use your existing preferred device such as a Garmin Edge to record your rides, as long as you can sync and upload them to Strava. If you use both to record, we will make changes to recognise the distance from only 1 source.

Top50 Cyclists Questions:

Q: How do I qualify to be the Top 50 cyclists and be eligible to get my cap?

A: The Top 50 cyclists who rides the MOST distance beyond 810km within the challenge dates will be eligible to get a limited Top 50 Togo810 cycling cap.

Q: How will I get my Top50 Caps?

A: The caps will be given out together with your Jerseys on the 8th to 10th of April 2016 at the Togoparts Bike Carnival held at SAFRA Boon Lay. We will contact you with more details in due time.

Finisher Jersey Questions

Q: When do I get the Finisher Jersey when I have successfully clocked 810km?

A:There will be a SAFRA Bike Fair at SAFRA Jurong on 8th -10th of April. You can collect your jersey on 10th April Sunday, from 1pm-6pm.

Q: And If I can't make it on those dates?

A: Contact us at and we will make arrangements for you to collect after the 11th of April. If you would like someone to collect on your behalf, please write to us before 7th April. For overseas participants whom completed the challenge, we will contact you separately.

Q: Can I change the size of the Jersey if it does not fit me?

A: Unfortunately, that cannot be done as we order the exact number of jerseys strictly based on size upon registration.

Q: Where is the jersey from, and how good is the quality of the jersey?

A: The jerseys are from National Sports SG, we choose to work with National Sports SG as they supply cycling jerseys to cycling clubs as well as our National athletes. Each jersey is worth SGD65.

Other Interesting Questions:

Q: I think someone is using the Strava App on an e-bike / motorbike / Car

A: It's a personal honour challenge as well as a physical one. We think cyclists have integrity and are honest about challenging themselves. reserves the right to refuse registrations or to disqualify any participants at our sole discretion.