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CKC Released Pedals Made With Rice Husks

Gerald Yong - 9th Mar 2016



CKC releases their latest creation using rice husk to make pedals et al this Taipei Cycle 2016.

Tony Liang, the brains behind this innovation, showcased his creations in the Press Conference today.

He proudly shared that rice husks sourced from Taiwanese rice farms are produced in immense quantities as a by-product that has the advantage of being cheap and sustainable (since its normally a waste and are thrown away). Their use as a construction material seems like a win-win: it’s potentially an additional source of revenue for rice farmers, and it puts to good use a raw material that might otherwise be wasted.

The current iteration of platform pedals is able to endure the rides of commuters on commuting bikes, and being entry-level pedals, it is indeed a good choice for the environment-minded folks across the world wanting to do your part to save this planet called Earth.