15 April 2014 8.30am - Stray dogs seen in Lor Halus and Punggol - reported to AVA at 1 800 476 1600
Date Submitted: 15th Apr 2014 10:16 AM
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Submitted by : ttimlen
Location : East
Province/City/State : Singapore
Country : Singapore
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Posted on: 16th Apr 2014 9:20 AM Quote & reply

AVA will likely kill the dogs. There are other organisations you can contact that will capture and try and rehome the dogs such as:

Action for Singapore Dogs : info@asdsingapore.com

SPCA : 62875355

Causes for Animals Singapore : info@causesforanimals.com
These guys have a capture, neuter and release program as there are so many dogs in the various shelters in Singapore. If the dogs are in decent shape and being looked after by some feeders, then they are caught, fixed and released.

17th Jun 2008
From: Singapore