shiok.. saliva starting to ooze out.
Date Submitted: 28th Dec 2008 8:27 PM
Views: 657
Submitted by : war_virus
Location : Penang
Province/City/State : M\'sia
Country : Singapore
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Posted on: 28th Dec 2008 8:33 PM Quote & reply

"Please sir, can I have more...?" famous line from Oliver Twist when Oliver ask for 2nd helpings in the orphanage's canteen....

19th Sep 2006
Posted on: 28th Dec 2008 9:39 PM Quote & reply

oh.. these two bowls were for me. heh heh...washed down by sugar cane juice.

27th Jul 2005
From: Singapore
Posted on: 31st Dec 2008 4:38 PM Quote & reply

and den, "moREeeEE?!"

11th May 2004
From: Singapore