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8th Sep 2018 (17083 views)
JR Cycle Services started by ex Professional Cyclist Ho Jun Rong who had an obsession on aero wheels during his carrer in the sport and that was where we were born. After getting accerdicated by Unite Bicycle Insistude (USA) we starting looking at custom wheel brands to represent and chanced upon Knight Composites and Pacenti Cycle Design. We have range of wheels from 500 - 4000, I'm sure we can built something for your needs!

Knight launced their first range of wheels in 2014 and was already the World Fastest wheels. They continue their research and enginnered the future of Tubleless Technology in our Patent pending Tubleless Equipped (TLE) wheels.

Watch Knight Composites Wind Tunnel Testing!

Pacenti who started with frame building and designed the lengedary MTB 650b size venture into custom aluminum wheels and now Affordable carbon after years of painstaking RnD.

Contact us now! We're not just any other retail shop, we live and breathe cycling and strive to provide you quality products together with great after sales service!

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