Knight Composites Patent Pending Technology

8th Sep 2018 (15292 views)
Knight launced their first range of wheels in 2014 and was already the World Fastest wheels. They continue their research and enginnered the future of Tubleless Technology in our Patent pending Tubleless Equipped (TLE) wheels.

Watch Knight Composites Wind Tunnel Testing!

Knight TLA

Offering the benefits of our existing TEAM technology and EPS manufacturing process, the Knight TLA system, developed in collaboration with Schwalbe and manufactured with our patent-pending internal rim profile removes the existing challenges of tubeless tire set-up, guaranteeing ease of tire installation with or without tire levers, and inflation with a hand or floor pump. For added safety, the Knight TLA provides both a pneumatic and mechanical locking system, delivering an industry leading sealing surface with optimized aero profile in two initial depths.

The new Knight TLA system wheels will be the first to feature Knight Composites all-new logo, designed to reflect the cutting-edge technology and proven team behind the Knight Composites brand.

With its 50mm deep profile, the Knight 50 TLA is optimized to offer increased aero performance and stability, while allowing you to stay supremely comfortable for a long day in the saddle.

**For a limited time receive 2 Schwalbe Pro One 700 x 25c, 255g, with sealant at Only $160.

The next generation of tubeless tires. A truly thrilling ride. It's fast. It’s reliable. It’s light. The patented MicroSkin construction makes this all possible. The rolling resistance is minimal! All around cut resistance and puncture protection are extraordinary, especially in combination with Doc Blue professional sealant. This is the absolute top model from Schwalbe!
The Schwalbe One Pro can also be used with a normal tube, but its true strengths are experienced only in tubeless form.


Brand: Knight
Type: Wheel Sets
Inflation: Tubeless
Wheel Size: 700c
Braking Type: Rim
Item condition: New
Availability: Buy online
ID: 100000035


Material: EPS Molded Carbon Fiber
Rim Depth: 50mm
External Width: 27.5mm
Internal Width: 19.5mm
ERD: 558
Tire Size: 700×25
Rim Weight: 480g
Wheel Set Weight: 1510g (ROTOR Revolver Hub Option)

Our range of wheels starts from 3000
Preown also available from 1800

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