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Tirecare Sealant

Nick Ee - 15th Mar 2017

Emergencies are something that nobody would want to experience if possible, because it always calls for an immediate intervention to prevent the urgent problem from getting worse and escalating further, therefore it is something that everyone should be adequately prepared for. In cycling, getting a puncture mid-race or even halfway through your trail thrills or in your group ride is also one such emergency, nothing spoils your rhythm and pace like a sudden puncture in your tyres halfway through the ride, then you would have to stop and pull up to the side of the road, get off your bike and try to repair the puncture as quick as possible without wasting any more time, or you could have dropped off your group ride, or wasting your group mates’ time while you try to fix the flat, frustrated.


For cyclists using clincher wheels, even though it is relatively quick and easy to remove the punctured wheel from your bike and swap out the inner tube for a new one, inflate the tyre again and then continue on your way and try to make up for time lost for repairing the puncture, but it also mean for every ride you will need to carry an extra set of tubes, pumps, levers, extra weight for every single ride. And like Murphy’s Laws, you may have forgotten to bring one of them, encounter a flat, and forcing you to end up with a taxi ride home. 

More serious and expert riders who are using higher performance tubular wheels, it is a whole different ball game altogether as the repair now entails the hassle of prying off a glued wheel from the rim, and then temporarily sticking on a new tubular tyre so that you will be able to continue riding, and changing a tubular tyre during a race or even during a normal group training ride is not for most people as it takes a fair amount of strength and effort to change a glued on tyre, on top of that, to carry additional accessories to enable the change. 

MTB trail riders will also attest to the hassle of changing tubes, or repairing the tire half way during a trail bashing session, as the puncture could potentially increase the risk of crashing badly and injuring yourself.

Tirecare Sealant is the ideal solution for all riders to prevent such an emergency from happening. Simple and hassle free to use, giving you worry free rides for the rest of the year. Tirecare Sealant consists of special natural ruber latex, plant extracts, hi-tech nanofibers that work together to seal any puncture or leak from the inside of your tyre if anything were to ever penetrate the rubber wall.  This sealant is a preventive solution, designed specifically to be pre-injected into your tyres beforehand and it will be able to effectively protect against punctures up to 8mm in size for an entire year, the sealant is also non-corrosive so that there is no risk of damage to the tyres and rims if it were to come into contact with them at any time, plus it is very easily washable should it ever gets spilled.

One small 160ml bottle of the bright pink coloured bicycle sealant is enough for 2 wheels, which means that roughly only 80ml is required for each wheel to enable the sealant to work effectively in case of any puncture.  It is fully compatible with tubes as well as a sealant for tubeless application.  Application is extremely easy, all that is required is to remove the tyre's or tube's valve core with the provided valve core removal tool, give the bottle of sealant a good shake to ensure that all the contents are mixed together properly, and inject the sealant directly into the tyre or tube with the use of the provided correctly sized tube, re-install the valve core back into the tyre or tube and inflate to your preferred riding tyre pressure.  Once you start riding and the liquid sealant gets spread around the entire inside of the tube, then you will be all set and ready to face any potential unforeseen puncture in the future.


From now until end-March, purchase the TireCare bicycle sealant from our dealers and receive free installation! Or order online at www.tirecare.sg with free delivery.

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 I myself past 2 years become super regular cyclist as in work/exercise/fun via my MTB and i decided to try Slime smart tubes because some say it's just hype while other swear by them! Happy to report that i never had a punture for 7 mths now and counting! I used to have a flat every month and i feel it's a worthwhile thing to try out to see it it works out for u as it's not pricey at all! I equip my bike with a pump in cases where a punture happens mid ride and even after sealed the pressure loss is a bit much but so far i only ever had to pump once ^^
- pinelights , Singapore. 16th Mar 2017 9:05 PM
 This is intresting.. looks good as in the event of a punture is will tempoary seal it up and when u change the inner tube, u will discard the entire tube (with the sealant inside) so as to create a less messy situation, as compared to trying to insert a tube into a ruptured tubless tire with sealants leaking here and there.

But if u use this, can u go low PSI for the tire pressure? 
- albatross , Singapore. 15th Mar 2017 10:18 PM