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Moon Meteor Storm Pro

Malcolm Goh - 2nd Mar 2017

Moon Meteor Storm Pro


Powerful vision at night that comes with a compact package. As cyclist, we sure try to beat the sun at times by riding at night. This is where powerful vision is needed for our rides. When it comes to quality and innovative lights, Moon-sport lights is a brand to be looked out for. Most powerful lights of 1000 lumens and above usually comes with a battery pack which makes the light overall bulky and sometimes inconvenient to set up and unmount. This is where the innovation of Moon-sport lights come. Moon Meteor Storm Pro, a 1700 lumens light that comes at a light pretty compact package. Batteries to power the two cree LEDs areinside the light itself.


What comes with this package was indeed impressive too to cater for different riding needs. The package includes both a helmet mount and handlebar mount. This allows the rider to choose the mounting to suit their form of riding discipline so to allow them for a more comfortable choice. With it being a USB charged light, it sure has to come with a cable. However, it does not come with normal cables. The light package includes a waterproof cable and a cable which has a remote control. This makes switching modes on the fly while charging much more convenient. As for the batteries, even though they are inbuilt, Moon has made it removable with a quick release. With the quick release design, it provides longevity for the product as we are able to purchase another set of batteries for it after prolong use and battery weakening.


As for light features, it comes with many for us to explore. As a very high lumens light, the fast rising of its temperature during use is a concern.  However Moon got this covered with a well designed heat sink to dissipate heat and also a overheat protection system which will dim the light if its getting too hot. As for the available light modes, it will make any rider be spoilt for choice. Not only it comes at a boost mode at 2000 lumens for 10 second when the needs arrive, it also comes with ten other light modes stated as such (Mode 1/ Mode 2 / Mode 3 / Mode 4 / Mode 5 / FL 1 / FL 2 / FL 3 / Day FLASH/SOS).

In order to protect the batteries lifespan, it comes with a full charge automatic cut off system to prevent overcharging.  With so many mode of lighting to choose from, some of us may have an all time favourite. This is where the mode memory comes into play whereby it will switch on to the previous mode during the last used.


With such a powerful light, its power may not be optimized if the angle of vision it provides isn't wide enough. With the Moon Meteor Storm Pro, it provides a spotting angle of 17 degree and a total angle of 84 degree. The degree as stated last up to 10 metres of spotting distance. However, it shines the path pretty much further than the 10 metres just that the spotting angle may vary and not be at its optimal. This is indeed a lot of vision in the dark for us to spot upcoming obstacles or danger. With the power the light has, the run time of the light is actually pretty impressive in such a size. At max power output of constant 1700 lumens, the light will shine its way for two hours. At minimum power output of flashing 100 lumens, it will run for 140 hours. With such a specification, indeed the light is made to cater for any type of riding and riders.


*Image source Moon Sport official webpage*


For those who like to find out more on this power packed light, you may approach Moon light sole distributor, Bike31.
Address: 994 Bendemeer Road 06-04, B Central, Singapore 339943

Phone: 6635 2132


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