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Niner Jet9 RDO

Malcolm Goh - 7th Feb 2017

If you are a hard core, mountain biking aficionado, less main-stream and looking for a bit of an exotic, yet proven and much fun ride, the Niner Jet9 RDO is a ride that may fit you perfectly.

We’ve been looking forward to getting a taste of the latest all mountain and enduro range of Niner that has been recently introduced. It is designed and shipped in one of 2 wheel size configurations; a hardcore efficient trail machine fitted with 29er wheels, or with 27.5+, fitted wheels for  the more aggressive fun seeking weekend warrior. With + wheel size, it is able to fit up to 3 inch tyres. Why + sized wheels? With the increased volume they offer, they provide more grip than a conventional 27.5 and yet remain nimble and roll better than a full on fat bike. It is a strong trend in the market with some tests and reviews suggesting that 27.5+ is possibly a perfect merging point of the recent years’ new wheel size trends; 29’’, 27’’ and fat wheels.

A plus point for Niner is that it designed its new frame range to fit either wheel size hence a great solution for riders that seek to test and enjoy both.

This bike we tested features the 27.5+ wheel size with boost 148x12mm rear spacing for optimal power transfer and wheel stiffness. This bike is fitted with the latest technology from different brands. It comes with a 1 by 11 groupset mixture of shimano and raceface. With a gear range at the rear of 11-46, you can be sure to have the ratio to climb up any hills. With a suspension set provided by Rockshox, you can be sure that department has been covered. With the front being a Pike RC and rear a Monarch Debonair, you can be sure that they will keep you supported as they are proven products by many other riders. When descending, everyone would love to have nothing obstructing their movement on the bike so to get down faster. The Jet9 RDO comes with KS DROPZONE R dropper seatpost so that the rider can have full confidence going downhill and be efficient on the ups. Other kit such as handlebar and stem, are provided by Raceface. With the wide Raceface Aeffect bar and short 35mm stem, it keeps the bike  agile even though it’s wheel size is larger than the 27.5 standard.

For some people, it may seem like having 130mm of travel at the front and 120 at the rear may not be enough. However after riding it with the Plus sized wheel, with the right pressure on the tyres, one may feel more travel than it actually seem. With its large volume, the tyre can compress to a certain extent while doing drops hence giving the feeling of having more travel. Hence having a plus sized wheel is definitely a pretty decent choice.  The + size tyres look huge next to a standard 27.5 bike, but there is surprisingly no noticable drag or extra weight, and the increased traction is out of this world.


As for the wheel and tyres, Niner has indeed put effort into setting it up. For the tyres, it comes with Maxxis Reckon+ front and Maxxis Ikon+ rear. Reckon+ gives more grip due to its more aggressive tread pattern to keep the front planted down. Ikon+ has a faster rolling tread pattern. With this setup, it keeps the bike in place throughout the ride with ample grip yet rolling fast on the flats to keep the bike  efficient despite its huge looking wheels. As for wheelset, it comes equipped with Stans Ztr Baron. With this wheelset, you can be sure to ride with confidence due to them being well known for their lightweight yet strong alloy rims.

With such a wide rim profile and high volume tyres, any rider may think if it will weigh down drastically. With Niner’s RDO carbon compaction technology, they have managed to made a lightweight trail worthy frame. With upcoming technologies such as electronic drivetrain, Niner’s frames comes electronic wiring friendly so to be able to fit electronic drivetrains. Keeping the bike’s technologies relevant and modern with the years to come shredding the trails.


Niner has indeed impressed me with their frame design due to it being more nimble than I would have thought. During trail rides, the plus sized wheels keep the bike planted  during corners. With its cockpit setup, it has enhanced its capabilities to change direction anytime with a flick. With how nimble it is, it has allowed me to hop over obstacles with ease. During trail riding, we are bound to face rocky climbs or sections that are filled with roots all over. This is where the high volume tyres come into play as they simply roll over them with ease and not losing much traction. With the right tyre pressure, the tyres will grip over them and just roll over them easily. 

If you can only have one bike, the Niner Jet9 RDO is the one bike to get, to meet all your needs on the trails.  While Niner's official online price for this setup (Jet 9 Rdo 3 Star) is US$5,500 (Approximately SGD$7865) but now, Byx, the local dealer offers an incredible introduction promotion, example this set up only SGD$6450) until the end of January so if anyone has been seriously considering a new Niner, it may be worthy to take the opportunity...Please visit this link for more options – (http://www.ninerbikes.com/jet9rdo) Byx also has demo bikes available at their Bukit Timah Store. Please visit / call them (www.byx.com.sg) for arrangements.


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