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Merida Scultura 2017

Charles Lee - 1st Feb 2017

Unveiling the 2017 SCULTURA series, the latest armada of road-race bikes is probably the largest product line-up from the Taiwanese bike giant. The 2017 SCULTURA fleet spans across 30 different models with varied set-ups, from the most basic version to the highest-end variant, to cater to different riding profiles.
The MERIDA SCULTURA bikes are not only designed and built with born-racers in mind. They are a perfectly suited for the daily commuters like you and I.
The basic models within the entry-level tier - the SCULTURA 100, the SCULTURA 200 and the SCULTURA 300 - are efficient and fuss-free workhorses. Guaranteed to bring you to your office in true blue MERIDA style, these two-wheelers are specced with Shimano's elementary yet extremely reliable group-sets. Take the SCULTURA 100 for instance. Although it sits gingerly at the bottom of the SCULTURA hierarchy, its performance should never be under-estimated. Weighing at an incredible 9.43-kilograms, the SCULTURA 100's stiffness and agility, thanks to the application of the Prolite 66 Triple-Butted Aluminium, are nicely matched by the Shimano's Claris / Sora SS group-set. Aided by the Maxxis Dolemites 25mm-wide road tyres, commuting to work has never been that smooth-sailing and hassle-free.

The Scultura 100 retails for $972.


The Scultura 200 retails for $1122.

For those who demand a little more performance, the SCULTURA 300 should be a good match. Well-endowed with Shimano's 10-speed Tiagra group-set, road carbon race fork and Maxxis Dolemites rubbers, the 9.02-kilogram runner can even be a viable option for your Sunday race.

The Scultura 300 retails for $1332.
Riders who desire to stay at the forefront of road bike technology will adore the SCULTURA Disc 200. Running on the Shimano Sora drivetrain, the SCULTURA Disc 200 road bike offers a respectable level of holding power, courtesy of the Promax Decode Mechanical Disc Brakes.
Riders who fit within this profile belong to the customer segment that is probably the most demanding of all. They want performance and quality when they lug their bikes to the races. They want all-season durability and reliability when they take the bikes out for weekend expeditions and home-office commuting. Basically, these bikes should be Jack-of-all-trades. And MERIDA's performance-grade SCULTURAs are perhaps the rare few that are be able to satisfy such demands.
There are 12 SCULTURAs models tiered to the performance category. Beginning with the SCULTURA 400, the 8.65-kilogram basic model already cuts an impressive figure. Backed by the SCULTURA LITE frame, stiffness is a positive hallmark feature of the SCULTURA 400. This translates to increased responsiveness. Whilst they are not designed for professional use, the Shimano 105 group-set provides decent and reliable transmission for long-distance rides.

The Scultura 400 retails for $1482.

Riders who are frequent participants of races and triathlons should aim for higher-end models like the SCULTURA 5000, the SCULTURA 6000. Weighing no more than 9-kilogram, these mean pedal-powered machines are ideal for serious or competitive riders, given that they are race-ready right from the shelf. Held by aerodynamic-profiled tubings that are inspired from the race-proven WARP-TT and REACTO series, these two-wheelers are purposeful bikes that are willed to earn you a place on the podium.

The Scultura 5000 retails for $2582.

The Scultura 6000 with Ultegra parts retails for $3212.

Riders who are technology-loving and would like to compete at pro-level are dead serious about the sport. And MERIDA knows that this group of cyclists will never compromise on a bike or components that could cause a split-second difference to their lap times. This is where MERIDA introduces the SCULTURA 7000-E. Specced with Shimano's most advanced electronic Di2 shifting system that promises effortless and reliable shifting, the SCULTURA 7000-E is so light at 7.25-kilogram that it does not take more a few pedal strokes to arrive at a (rather high) cruising speed of 40 kilometres per hour.

The Scultura 7000-E with Ultegra Di2 retails for $5832.


Merida Bikes are available at Bike Avenue, Bike Culture, Bike World, BikeX, Chapter 2 Cycle, Tiong Hin (Hougang) and Willow Bike.Art.Cafe.


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 Owned a 2016 Scultura 500 previously, even it is Alu, have to admit that it is pretty fast and responsive but not as stiff.
- reks82 , Singapore. 28th Feb 2017 7:10 PM
 reviewer must be high in excitement while writing the review.

Agree, good nicely SPEC bike with a reasonable price tag..what attracted me actually were the color schemes . though i own a different model and year build. its nevertheless fits the bill and is durable with a good and friendly distributor
- albatross , Singapore. 13th Feb 2017 10:13 PM

Nice bikes in general.
Well-built and reasonably well-specced for the $.

I personally feel that the article was rather light on details, and there were several grammatical errors.

- kevin301 , Singapore. 13th Feb 2017 1:37 PM