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About Togoparts.com

We are a site for everyone who is passionate about cycling here in Singapore and the rest of the South East Asian Region. Founded in 2001, what started out as a simple forum for fellow cyclists to share their views & knowledge in the cycling world evolved quickly over the next few years into a full scale online platform on which the entire cycling community is leveraging on for information regarding bicycles, accessories and all its related products in our Articles and Marketplace section. We have of course not forgotten about our roots and still run the forum as a means to bring the cycling community closer and together as one.

Our Mission

Togoparts.com leverages on knowledge sharing among the community to generate awareness of cycling issues and to promote camaraderie among cyclists spread throughout Asia and the world.

In short, a Portal for Cyclists by Cyclists.

Driven by biking enthusiasts, members at Togoparts.com are not divided by age, gender or demographics of any kind.

We are truly an online community with no boundaries.