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Taipei Cycle 2017 - Montague

3rd May 2017

Ever dreamt of a bike which is practical, robust and compact all together at once?

I know it sort of sounds like a dream having something that fits these three criteria. But some Brands just love a challenge of building dreams. At Montague bikes, they basically make full sized mountain bikes that can fold into a compact size and also have a mudguard which happens to be a pannier rack and also happens to be a service stand on its own! With this being introduced, I was indeed wowed. How can a simple mudguard serve such a big purpose? Montague has done a very good job designing such a smart product and bike.


Montague Paratrooper Pro 


What is Montague about actually? Montague is a company dedicated to design and make full sized foldable bicycles for recreational use and also sports use. Besides these philosophies, they also seek potential military customers due to the nature of their bikes.


Montague Paratrooper 

Okay the above rack mentioned only has few functions being mentioned. If you count the full functionality, it actually has 6 functions. Yes you heard it, six. Being a cargo, mud guard, kickstand, work stand folding and storage. This stand actually fits all models of their bikes for your convenience needs.


Montague Paratrooper Elite 


For 2017 what I saw at the show was pretty amazing. They have stepped up their mountain bike game for this year. Having a newly designed bike for more modern parts and standards, they have again made a very capable folding mountain bike. Coming in with 27.5 wheels, XT groupset and rockshox Reba front fork and slightly more fat maxxis crossmark tyres so to provide more grip in the local trails.


Montague Fit 


By being confident enough to make foldable mountain bikes and looking for usage in the military, you sure can see how strong this folding bike actually is.