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Taipei Cycle 2017 - 700 Bike

3rd May 2017

Some of us may find foldable bikes not looking the most appealing looking of all bikes. 

However, with upcoming manufacturing techniques and also smarter designs, foldable bikes can now look much more appealing than it was before. At the Taipei cycle show, we happen to see the 700 bikes at one of the booth.



700 Bikes is a brand which focuses on what we have today around us which are smart integration, urbanization and lifestyle necessities. With upcoming demands or getting around efficiently, foldable bikes are the way to go pairing up with public transport. Yes you may ask with foldable bike technology, doesn't it only cover urbanization? You are right. However, at 700 Bikes, they have something pretty special up their sleeves for us. An integrated cyclo computer within the foldable bike! That is something I personally feel that really helps in an urban environment.



Coming in with a very competitive price point from Cyclelogy Singapore, 700 Bike has two models to feature at the show. One for a more simple minded person whereby it comes with less faff with gears and also not coming with the cyclo computer. This is a pretty simple model for your everyday point A to B needs with a very compact package of smaller wheels.


700 Bike Galaxy 


The other model is called the 700 Bike Galaxy. Their smart and high tech foldable bike. The looks and impression of this bike to me is that it looks really futuristic and flush. Having not much rough edges, it makes the bike looks way much more than what it actually cost. Using a 9 speed groupset and tektro disc brakes on the base model, it indeed came in really well priced of about 1200Sgd. Adding on is their integrated cyclo computer at the top cap area with a phone App to keep track of your cycling statistics and progress.



With the video below, you will be able to see what 700 Bikes is about and showcase its folding simplicity and mechanism.