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 EXR 2002 EXR

Brand:  Marzocchi

Category: Front Suspension Forks

" Nice Tough Fork! "

Overall Rating
Reviewed on: 15th Jan 2002 from Singapore

The Review
Well, i have been running this fork for about 1 month. it is really stiff and due to the fact that i really don't know how to fix a fork, i can't soften it.
Also, i can't figure out whether it is a coil or air fork.
Anyway, i have been using it for street and it feels great. sometimes a bit on a rigid on the travel when landing, but still feels good.
Buy this fork if you don't have much $$$ and don't believe in adjustments.

-no adjustment
-100mm travel only

-no adjustment
-100mm travel only

Duration of product used
Less than 1 month

Bike Setup
Azonic DS1 26/24 with Marzocchi Fork. Trek converted to Trial. Monty X-Hydra.

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