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Very sincere and friendly bro to deal with. Highly recommended to all!!!


He claimed that the model is KMC X9SL said guarantee is X9SL bought from CNC. But not all the links are hollow links (only alternate links are hollow). I gave him a kind advice to email CNC who shipped him the wrong part, end up I received some attitude in return. I gave him a benefit of doubt that he got the wrong part and not on purpose as he looks to be an honourable person, but the attitude is unacceptable. But I'm wrong that I was late for his appointment for 30mins as I was on fever, MC, which I had told him, plus I lost my way there. He reach after 15mins after I arrived which I don't mind as I know I'm in wrong first, but he accused me that I late for 45mins. What's going on with this world...?


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