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Elite Kura Smart trainer* - high end professional direct drive trainer for sale. Lightly used, prefer roads. Chepeast in market. Selling it less than half the RRP (USD999). Will accept trades too if reasonable (pm me)


Want to beat your competitors and fellow kakis on a ride? Show them your high avg power? Check out below to see why this is the right choice!

Attractive features
? Direct drive system - plug a cassette and ride, no need for training wheels / tires etc
? Very very quiet (ridden at night, nobody heard a thing)
? Power meter built-in - see your power and other personalised trainin

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7th Nov 2019
MTB, Road, Commute, Folding, BMX/Street, Electric Bike, Youth Bike, Scooter, Electric Scooter, Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Mini Velo, Racer
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on 7th Nov 2019
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