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Lightly used and in perfect condition, comes with both tension springs. Compatible with all current DT Swiss star ratchet hubs and wheels (180, 240S, 350 and 540 hubs) and all hubs that uses DT Swiss internals (eg Lightweight, Reynolds Aero, ENVE Carbon Hubs etc.)

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Curious as to why everyones wheels sound like a bee hive and your wheels don't? Odds are if you're running stock DT hubs with18 point engagement ratchet on your hubs. Get yourself a 36 tooth Ratchet kit from DT swiss designed to double this low engagement count and keep up with what all that buzz is about!

This DT Swiss 36T Ratchet kit works as a direct replacement and is easy to install. Just remove the free-hub body, grease up the new parts and re-assemble the hub. To give you a better idea of how this improves your ride think of the engagements in degrees of a circle, with the 18t you've got to move the cassette 20 degrees to reach the next engagement while the 36t reduces it to only 10 degrees.

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11th Jul 2019
36T Star Ratchet
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