SOLD : SRAM Red 10 / 11 Speed Carbon lightweight Crankset GXP 167.5mm 53/39

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Suffering from Knee pain?
Look no further, shorter cranks could be your answer.

Is scientifically proven:
‘No one gets injury from a shorter crank. But too long a crank will cause problems!’
I am 175cm and this length works for me.

Among the lightest in the market.
At around 600g, it beats all competitors.
Lightweight bikes are very responsive!

If your knee feels sore or painful after ride,
or it hits your chest or stomach or even the handle bar.
This may most likely be the answer!

This version of the SRAM crankset is regarded as the best.
The spider and crank is hollow one piece carbon.
The latest model paint tend have visual scratch/wear.
This version doesn’t; thus most ppl stick with it when they upgrade their chain rings to a proper 11-speed.

I myself swear by shorter crank (I am 175cm tall).
As one cycling to work daily, I started having regular knee pain from 172.5mm crank.
Bike fit, saddle height adjustment, you name it I done it; nothing worked.
But just going down to 167.5mm and 165mm crank length on both my road and TT bike, and the pain was gone. Shorter crank is easier to spin also!

For those worried about standard crankset:
Don’t be intimidated by 53T crank neither; especially if you have been using 52T (semi), 1T difference is very small. Trust me I tried it.
Your cog makes much more difference.
It takes about 3T Chainring = match 1T rear cog. And all short derailleur cage can handle a 11-30T. Most can even put a 11-32.
34chainring with 28 cog is equal to 39-32.

From SRAM:
The SRAM RED® Exogram Crankset is completely hollow all the way to the spider. Its hidden bolt pattern makes better use of carbon fiber to further improve stiffness and shed weight. The stunning X-GlideR™ chainrings are optimized for use with the Yaw™ Technology in the front derailleur, delivering seamless, flawless performance.

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27th Jan 2019
SRAM RED Crankset
MTB, Road, Commute, Folding, BMX/Street, Electric Bike, Youth Bike, Scooter, Single Speed, Racer
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