Trinx KA2007D

Nick Ee | 12th Jan 2016 | REVIEWS

A relative newcomer to the folding bike scene, Trinx bikes was founded in 1992 in mainland China, but they’ve also got other branches in Taiwan, Russia and in Southeast Asia as well, where there are research and development, manufacturing and sales offices which are all integrated into a whole organization where they design, develop and manufacture bikes with superior quality, fashionable designs and excellent performance, to be enjoyed by the many consumers in the western hemisphere, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa as well as in many other countries worldwide.

Trinx manufactures about 1.2 million complete bikes every year, as well as about another million aluminum frames and 0.8 million units of suspension forks, therefore they definitely know a thing or two about manufacturing quality bikes that are not only beautiful and nice to look at, but is able to perform excellently as well.  Their lineup consist of a very wide range of bicycles, from little kids bikes, up to performance carbon fibre road racing bikes, folding bikes are also one of their most popular consumer bikes.

The Trinx KA2007D is one of their flagship folding bike models, it is a 20″ (451mm bead seat diameter) wheel sized foldie with an aluminum alloy frame and fitted with Shimano componentry, only the fork is made with Hi-Ten steel for strength and rigidity and precise steering. ┬áThe drivetrain is made up of a 7 speed Shimano MF-TZ21 cassette, shifting is performed by a smooth shifting Shimano SL-RS36 grip shifter which controls the Shimano TX-35 rear derailleur for quick and smooth shifts, the excellently matched 52T Trinx front crank and chainring ensures that you have smooth and seamless shifts with the KMC chain, even when shifting while climbing up hills and slopes. ┬áThe wheels are slightly higher profile than standard rims and with the matching red and black colour scheme, it also matches the frame perfectly to create a very beautiful looking bike that looks fast even when it is stationary, and the time tested red/black/white paintjob is never boring to look at, regardless of the era or consumer’s age.

This foldie is also equipped with powerful Winzip disc brakes that provide very strong braking while giving excellent modulation for precise braking in any weather condition, this is one major advantage of using disc brakes over regular rim brakes, you are able to ride and brake safely even in the rain. ┬áContact points are Trinx’s very own branded items, such as the alloy handlebar, seatpost and saddle.

The KA2007D folds completely into half and ends up as a compact package that can easily fit into a car’s boot, the folding process only consists of unlocking the main frame tube and the handlebar stem and just lowering the seatpost to complete, quick and easy.  All locking mechanisms are designed to be robust and strong, ensuring that they can last for many years without failing.  This 20″ foldie is capable of being ridden at quite fast speeds, perfect for training and fitness rides, and in the hands of a seasoned rider, might even be fast enough to keep up with road bikes, the skinny 1-1/8″ tyre ensures that there is lesser rolling resistance between the bike and the road, so that you can maintain higher speeds than if it’s been fitted with thicker tyres.  Moreover, the very affordable price tag makes this superb riding bike even more attractive to consumers who are looking to get the most out of each dollar spent, making this bike not only attractive to the eyes, but to the wallet as well.


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