Reviews to Be

There’s more cool bikes in the pipeline for reviews, and recently we’ve been sourcing for more bikes that you might be interested in!

Chief of which, is the Saracen Ariel X as featured above! This full-sus bike looks great, but will it perform like the big daddies? Soon you’ll know. And no, that’s not an extra top-tube – it’s a sign of how fresh this bike is – just off the Togomobile’s Rack!


We don’t review motorcycles, so we’ll be doing one of the fastest Dahons ever: the Vector x27h – the Speed Pro TT’s replacement with a DualDrive hub and a 9-speed cassette – but all that speed comes with compromises – what compromises? Stay tuned!


And the top secret bike:

The top secret bike, a S—iali— —— will be a Togoparts Magazine exclusive! Check out our upcoming first issue in May to find out what it is!