A short preview of what Scott has to offer for 2006. The all new Ransom series…

The news has been out! After concentrating on lightweight cross-country chassis in 2005, Scott has shift their focus on the freeride/trail-riding segment for 2006. Their latest offering is the brand new Ransom series, which offers a versatile platform that aims to give riders an unfair advantage during epic rides. With three travel options to choose from, the Ransom series is truly a Jack of all trades, allowing riders to tackle a wide variety of terrain with the most efficient setting.

Below is some information our scoops have managed to dig up from Scotts:

– Race proven Scott CR 1 carbon welding process
– Lightest bike in class
– Frame: 3080 grams (6.8lbs) including rear shock
– Optimized tube shapes for better torsion stiffness and steering precision
– Ultra High Impact resistance Downtube
– SDS Dampening system for better shock absorption and less rider fatigue
– Sealed throughout cable routing


TC control travel options

The Ransom offers three different travel options at your fingertips. By utilizing Scotts?s Equalizer rear shock technology, you can pick whichever mode is most suitable for your current trail conditions.

By selecting Lockout on the handlebar-mounted lever, the rear shock is locked, allowing you to rally uphill as if on a hardtail.

If you desire ?race bike? suspension for the single track, select the TC mode, activating up to 100mm of travel and you have slacker geometry as the shock sags and the compression damping opens, delivering fantastic singletrack performance.

When sending it down the steeps, place the Ransom in All travel mode to deliver 165mm of active travel and slack the geometry further, lowering your center of gravity and slowing your steering input for confidence on high speed descents.


Seat post and riding positions

Riding up the hill, you want the seat post in its normal position for perfect power transfer. Once you get down the hill, the special design of frame and swing arm design allows you to lower the seat without limitation remaining and the seat post in its normal uncut length.


Equalizer TC

The Equalizer TC is a completely new rear shock concept designed by Scott. This shock combines the advantages of larger oil volumes found in coil spring designs with the weight advantages of an air shock. A unique feature to our system, all of the seals and bushing are moving in an oil bath resulting in improved performance and longer life. Equal pressure in both the positive and negative air chambers means set up is extremely simple.


IRV (Intelligent Rebound Valve)

IRV controls the rebound of the shock by itself and is speed-sensitive, meaning it reacts to larger bumps with increased rebound damping. When riding over small bumps, the rebound is completely open and the shock remains responsive. On larger impacts the rebound valve reacts and slows the rebound so that the rider feels more in control. This eliminates any ?kick back?, meaning the rider can remain seated and maintain control of the bike in every situation.


Power Stabilizer

Pulling upwards on the large rebound tuning knob and you engage the power stabilizer, providing bob-free pedaling. This gives you great pedaling efficiency while still allowing the larger bumps to be absorbed by the rear suspension. Unique! The power stabilizer can be disengaged by pushing this knob to its original position. Without the platform, you now have a fully active and sensitive rear suspension that can manage all sized bumps. Turning the knob adjusts the rebound.

Multiple linkage system

Multiple linkage system has been developed together and for the Equalizer TC shock system. Extremely efficient for pedaling and very sensitive suspension action.

High quality, double sealed industrial bearings at all pivot points for durability and sensible shock action. Made of CR1 carbon seat stays and 6061 alloy chainstays.


Ransom is Scott’s all new long travel full suspension series scheduled for launch in 2006. More details for the bike will be available after the Eurobike next month. Source: Scott USA