RugGear Mariner RG100


RugGear Mariner RG100

After a quick read of the features and specifications that was listed on the back of the RG100 box, I found out that this phone is truly a serious piece of cellphone technology and definitely one that is “outdoor proof” as well, with a 2.0″ RugDisplay-Glass screen that is actually explosion proof and mated with a plastic shell body, made with Teijin’s copolymerisation of X-0992 PC material.

This toughie is able to withstand extreme temperatures, chemicals and vibration as well as high barometric pressures.

This phone also has incredible water and dust proof IP67 rating, meaning that this device is capable of being totally protected against dust as well as being waterproof up to a depth of 1m of water, and can safely remain at that depth for up to half an hour!  The RG100 has not one, not two but FOUR awesome and truly outstanding features that I would love to have in my regular mobile phone.

The next cool feature is the built-in LED torch, and no, we are not talking about turning on the LED flash on your mobile phone, and take note that I used the word ‘torch’, because it actually is a powerful LED torchlight. Press the big button on the left side of the phone and the Cree U.S.A. LED lamp illuminates brightly.

Press it once again and it gets even brighter for more distance coverage. The bright light in this mode is more than enough to illuminate your entire cycle path way ahead of you, sufficient to avoid any obstacles that may be in your way. This phone is even capable of an S.O.S. mode as well as a strobe mode, both super bright and capable of attracting attention.

Next up is the phone’s speaker; a simple and standard speaker is definitely not enough. So RugGear threw in a whopping 3 watts of awesome sound and music and when paired to your audio player as a Bluetooth speaker, this phone doesn’t simply play your music for you to be able to hear and listen to it properly. But it plays it LOUD too, loud enough to even discern the lyrics of a song even while cycling at over 20km/h with the added wind noise as well.

Last but not least, the 2400mAh not only gives this phone a whopping 25 days of standby time, but is also capable of charging other devices if the need ever arises, much like a portable USB power bank. During one of my night rides with the LED torch on high mode and with music streaming loudly from my mobile phone, I hardly noticed a drop in the battery power indicator at all.

Other notable features is the phone’s Dual-Sim capability which allows you to use two different phone lines with a single phone, and a 1.3 megapixel camera that can also record videos while underwater.
There is also a slot which can accept a 32GB micro SD card for added memory expansion, just in case if you decide to also carry along your entire music library with you inside the phone, and if you ever get tired of listening to your library of songs, just turn on the built-in radio for even more music choices.

The accessory bracket that was supplied along with this phone, mounted onto my handlebar very securely and the ball/socket joint allowed you to adjust the phone infinitely to get it into a perfect position of your choice.

And once everything is tightened up snugly, the phone held its position very well and didn’t vibrate much at all, even when I cycled over rough terrain.

With such awesome features all packed into a small, portable and tough mobile phone, one can only wonder what else RugGear can come up with, to top this phone! With a very affordable price to boot; now my fingers are really getting itchy and keen to add one into my gadget collection.

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